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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Care What Others Think of You

New year...new you, baby. People say we should stop caring what others think...but let’s be real... it’s really damn hard. Here are a couple reasons why you should be confident in yourself and forget what other people say!

1. Nobody knows you like you know yourself.

You may have best friends, siblings, parents, or relatives that you feel know you better than anyone else...but that’s just false. You are the only one in your head 24 hours a day and therefore you know yourself better than anyone ever will. This is not meant to sound sad or depressing...in fact, just the opposite. YOU know what you want and when you want it. Other people may tell you otherwise but it is up to you to know that your gut is right!

2. It’s your damn life...and they’re just living in it.

People can say whatever the hell they want...but you don’t have to listen. You are living your only life and should not do everything other people tell you to do. That’s not to say you can’t get advice from those you trust, but you need to remember that they have lived a different reality than you have and therefore may not provide you with everything you need. Make your own decisions, take some risks, enjoy your life...because after all... it is YOUR life!

3. Just because it is right for them, doesn't mean it’s right for you.

Sydney chose to work out every day of the week, Katie said she was only eating salads, and Olivia is taking 7 classes this semester to boost her GPA. Well, that’s really great for Sydney, Katie, and Olivia, but you aren’t them. You should never feel obligated to do something because others are doing it or tell you it’s the right thing. There is no “right thing” to do. There's just what you want to do and what you feel will benefit you.

4. Others do not care as much as you think.

“What is she wearing?” “Does she think her hair looks good like that?”...these are thoughts you may think others have when they see you, but really they’re only in your head. I get it...it’s so easy to look at people’s faces and assume they’re giving you a dirty look or judging you for your physical appearance. But chances are, they just happened to look in your direction at the same moment you did and they are probably having the same thoughts you are having. Be confident in yourself and it will radiate!

5. Nobody knows everything you have been through.

As much as you tell someone your struggles and thoughts, they have never and will never be in your shoes. People are always there for support and help, but you shouldn't depend solely on others opinions or thoughts to improve your life. You are a lot stronger than you think and you have made it this far going off your gut and instinctual feelings whether you know it or not...so keep it up!

6. It will get in the way of your dreams.

This one is simple and I'm going to keep it short. You have dreams, aspirations, and hopes and you are the only one who can get yourself there. Constantly letting others’ opinions and thoughts get trapped in your head is just going to create roadblocks to your ultimate goal. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough, capable enough, or smart enough to achieve what you want. You don't need added challenges to get where you want to go. Accept who you are...a beautiful, strong and independent woman and go out there and achieve your dreams!

Okay, ladies...2018 is our year. This is your time to forget what everyone else thinks about you and embrace your true self. Good luck and happy expressing!​


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