6 Great Tips to Prevent Aging in Your Early 20s

Ever since I heard someone say men age like fine wine and women age like milk, I’ve been on a frantic quest to learn how to slow down the process of becoming spoiled, sour milk. Thankfully, lifestyle plays a major role in aging so by tweaking a few steps to the daily routine, one can stay (and look) great for many more years to come. The trick is to start early, so here are the tips to prevent aging in your early twenties:

1. Stay hydrated.

Starting with the most important tip—drink loads of water. Without staying properly hydrated, your skin will become a grape in the sun – and almost literally in fact; our skin is exceptionally similar to that of a grape. Wrinkles and loss of elasticity, resulting in saggy skin, are direct by-products of prolonged sun exposure. Lack of water will cause the skin to dry out, making it much more susceptible to aging. Get to chugging Zephyrhills like frat boys do with Beers light!

2. Use sunscreen.

The second most important (and highly neglected) tip is protection, all 365 days a year. This one can be tricky at first, but once you incorporate it into your morning routine, it’ll become a habit just like brushing your teeth! For the longest time, I didn’t use sunscreen in fear of losing my glowing tan from the sun. I learned it’s better to temporarily fake a tan than permanently damage my skin. A tan after all, is inflammation in the skin precipitated by the body’s need to protect itself from ultraviolet rays.

3. Use eye cream.

Start using eye cream today! The eye area is the first place that shows signs of aging and it ages 5 to 10 years faster than the rest of your face! It is key to keep the under-eyes moisturized and hydrated in order to prevent premature lines. In your early twenties, use a hydrating creamy or gel-like moisturizer, and as you get into your late twenties, switch to a moisturizer with active ingredients.

4. Switch up your skincare.

Stop using serums and start applying antioxidants! Just as explained with the eye cream, in your early twenties, stick to a facial cream without active ingredients. Serums typically have active ingredients that are designed to increase the metabolism of cells. Though people in their early twenties with young skin already have an active metabolism, so the serums cause it to be too active (resulting in more unwanted breakouts). In your early twenties apply antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin A, to help prevent the breakdown of collagen—the protein that makes your skin smooth and tight!

5. Sleep on your back.

This one can be hard, especially if you’ve been sleeping on your side or stomach as I have your entire life. Some tricks to stay on your back and not return to fetus position in the middle of the night include pillow barricading and incline techniques. Pillow barricading is just what it sounds like—barricade yourself with pillows to keep yourself from turning over. Many people turn to the incline technique when barricading fails. With the incline technique, place one pillow under the head and one under the upper torso. Now, if both of these techniques fail, using a night moisturizer and silk pillowcase will help as well!

6. Sleep makeup free.

Remove makeup before bed! Frequently sleeping in your makeup causes bacterial buildup and premature signs of aging! If hearing that doesn’t compel you enough to remove your favorite foundation every night, know that makeup also causes clogs pores, breakouts, and irritation. Oil-based and cleansing water formulas are the best for makeup removal. Though if you’re feeling lazy and want a quick fix (like I typically do), makeup removing wipes work too.

Stopping the clock is impossible, but using these tips will certainly help slow down the impending process of aging.


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