5 Ways to Hide the Unsightly Parts of Your Dorm Room

For every college dorm room I move into, there are always icky stains on the carpet or peeling wallpaper that makes the dorm feel more impersonal. To combat the muck, here are my tips and tricks for covering all that up and making your dorm cute!

  1. 1. Invest in a desk chair cover.

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought a desk chair cover off of Amazon that changed my entire desk space! The seat has a very questionable stain on it, so hiding that helped me forget just how many people have also used that chair.

  2. 2. Buy a rug.

    Rugs help hide the gross BU carpeting and any other stains that may be on the floor. I have a small one right near my bed, and it opens up the space more.

  3. 3. Use contact tape.

    While I don’t use contact tape on my desk or drawers, I know several friends who do and love it! Specifically, the marble pattern is very common at BU and it helps personalize the space a bit, because no matter what room you’re in on-campus, all of the furniture is the same.

  4. 4. Hang lots of wall decor.

    By hanging photos, tapestries, and paintings, you can take attention away from whatever unsightly wall is in your room. Last year, mine was cinder block, while this year I am surrounded by lots of peeling paint. Luckily, I’m able to hide it by covering the gaps with photos.

  5. 5. Use convertible storage.

    During my freshman year, my mom bought me an ottoman, and it is one of the best decor investments I’ve ever made. Not only does it create more seating for friends, but the top comes off, and it adds even more storage space so my room isn’t cluttered. I absolutely recommend getting multifunctional storage—whether that be as seating or as a table—to help decorate your room.

College isn’t easy, and it helps to have a comfortable and cozy space to curl up in at the end of the day. I hope this helps you decorate your room and find some cheer; best of luck!

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