5 Ways to Deal With Grief

Grief is an emotion that we will all feel at some point in our lives. Eventually, someone you love will pass away and it will be heartbreaking, but there are ways to cope. I have lost a few people I care about in a short amount of time. Instead of wallowing in the sadness of their absence, I have learned to celebrate the times I got to share with them – here's how you can too.


1. Feel Your Feelings!

This may sound straightforward, but when you lose someone close to you, you might feel a million different emotions in one day. Feelings can be confusing. It’s hard to know what you “should” be feeling, and what emotions are appropriate regarding the circumstances. The truth is, there is no right way to feel. Whatever you are truly feeling in the moment is correct, and it is the only way to move through the difficult process of grief. If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like laughing, laugh. If you feel like you need to be the strong person for everyone, but you want to breakdown… It’s okay. The only way to end up at the other side of the grieving process is to allow yourself to go through it.


2. Take Time to Rest

Although it is extremely important to allow yourself to express everything you feel, it can be exhausting. That’s why one of the most important aspects of dealing with grief is giving yourself time to rest. I don’t know about you, but every time I plop down in my bed, I instantly start to feel a bit better, regardless of the circumstances. The only hard part about this can be getting back up. So be sure to maintain a healthy balance of rest and everyday life.


3. Surround Yourself With Loved Ones

Spending some alone time is essential to dealing with grief, but so is surrounding yourself with people you love. Having a good support system is key to any major life event, so make sure you lean on your friends in your time of need. Being with people you love is a good way to find laughter in the midst of pain and also a great way to find a shoulder to cry on. It is always nice to know that you aren’t alone.


4. Focus on the Good Times

Instead of being sad that you won’t see the one you lost again, think about all of the great times you did get to share together! Do not let the memories you had together turn from something great into something sad. Be happy that you had the privilege to know someone so special, and smile at the memories you made. It also helps to look through old photos. Even if you think to see their face may make you feel worse, it won’t. You might shed a few tears, but you will also be able to laugh, share stories, and appreciate the great times you had with your loved one.


5. Get Outside

Going outside and seeing all of the beauty this earth has to offer has never failed to make me feel better. Go catch the sunset or the sunrise. Take a walk on a beach or through the park. Nature has a way of making the worst days hurt less. We live in a gorgeous world, and just because the one you lost is no longer physically present in it, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still here with you.


Losing someone is tough. It will leave a permanent hole in your life, but it doesn’t have to stop you from being happy. Moving on from grief is one of the hardest parts of being human, but we will all have to go through it one day. I am grateful for the times I got to share with those I have lost. There are days when I wish I could hear their voice one more time, but going through all these steps have helped me realize that they are never truly gone. They will always be present in my heart.


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