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5 Things I’m Buying Immediately When Quarantine Ends

A lot of people have started heavily online shopping to occupy their minds during quarantine, but I am definitely not one of them. I no longer have a job—that is, until quarantine ends—and spending large sums of money with no stable income makes me cringe. I’m putting these five items on a purchase list for after quarantine, and hopefully, my bank account will thank me for holding off. 


Any one of these trays

I retweeted this post after seeing it on my Twitter timeline the other day because…wow. These trays have a whole aesthetic of their own, and I kind of want to base the entire theme of my dorm room around one of them. The restock is May 16th, but the next restock after that, I’m there. If that restock sells out before I can get one, I will be crying my eyes out for days. 

Each purchase also comes with a free trinket jar or ring plate, and for $40-50 dollars that is a great deal. I feel like the tray itself is perfect for little succulents or makeup, or even a candle if your dorm lets you have those!

Bonus: As I was writing this, I got an email about fall availability for my job. I honestly think it is fate.

This teeny tiny microphone

? mini microphone interview with Noah ? Like for part 2  ##fyp ##chaoticpets ##dogvideos ##dogs ##1million

♬ original sound – noah_and_lincoln

I’m kind of obsessed with this. I saw this item, or a similar one, being used by people on Tik Tok and I immediately looked it up. I’m not normally a supporter of ROMWE and SHEIN (because the prices are suspiciously low), but I will throw my dignity out of the window for this tiny, pink microphone. I don’t think it serves any actual purpose, like a lot of the things on this list, but I am extremely attracted to it. Functionality no longer matters. 

Fluffy Wosh

These toys also serve nearly no functional purpose, but this wosh is so cute. I found it through Instagram ads (which usually don’t give you the best products ever), but this one is different. This is what true taste looks like. The crossed hands also REALLY remind me of the “you know he had to do it to them” guy, which is just a really nice throwback to an easier time.

A Nintendo Switch 

I promise all of you that the FIRST $200 I earn is going straight to a Nintendo Switch. My bank account will not see money until this is purchased. It is not a coincidence that a bunch of my articles have been about Animal Crossing…it’s because I’m manifesting the Nintendo Switch energy. I simply would like to be able to relax and water some flowers! I know it’s not a need, but at this point, it’s a “weed” (want/need).


This is probably a controversial one, but I want Lunchables (and particularly the pizza kind). I don’t have a kitchen anywhere near me at BU, so Pizza Lunchabes are going to have to fulfill the thrill that I would usually get from making a pizza at home. No other Lunchables meals will be accepted. I only want the pizza meal, because it’s the only good one. The pepperoni will not be included, because all Lunchables meat is very suspicious. 

None of these items really relate to each other, but I love absolutely every single one of them. Not all of them are equal (so some can wait longer than others), but eventually, this is where my money will be going.

Spending is not irresponsible if it makes you happy and you budget wisely! Stay safe, HCXO!


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I'm a sophomore at Boston University studying journalism on a pre-law school track.
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