5 Reasons Why Queer Eye Should Be Your Next Netflix Binge

The Fab 5 just returned to Netflix with season 3 of Queer Eye. If you have yet to watch it, now is the perfect time to start! With just three seasons, you could finish this show in under a week. Keep reading for five reasons why Queer Eye should be your next binge on Netflix.

1. It’s an overall feel-good show.

With all the bad things happening in the real world, it’s so refreshing to watch a show with kind-hearted people. The Fab 5 and all of the people on the show are just so genuine and selfless; they give you hope in humanity.

2. It inspires you to make changes in your own life.

The people who get nominated to be on the show get life-changing makeovers from each of the Fab 5 members. Seeing the changes that these people go through is deeply moving; it inspires you to make changes in your own life! Even if you can’t afford to give yourself a life-changing makeover, Queer Eye definitely inspires you to make small changes that could lead to big changes in your life.

3. It teaches you self-love.

On Queer Eye, the makeovers aren’t just external; people definitely change on the inside as well. At the end of each episode, the people are just glowing. You could visibly see the increase in their confidence and happiness by the end of their makeovers. One of my favorite episodes (Season 3, Episode 1) is a perfect example of how Queer Eye can teach you self-love and help you become more confident in your own skin.

4. It delves into the lives of the LGBT Community and the difficulties they face.

Members of the Fab 5 often talk about the homophobia they have experienced from various people, including from their own families. There are also a few episodes where the makeover subjects themselves are a part of the LGBT community. A few of my favorite episodes about this are Season 2, Episode 5 and Season 3, Episode 5.

5. The Fab 5 is the most iconic squad you never knew you needed.

Each member of the Fab 5 is so genuine and affectionate. They will completely transform the person they’re giving a makeover to from someone who is clearly uncomfortable and then make them feel really special and comfortable in they’re own skin. They’re the sweetest, most hilarious guys and everything about them makes you want to have them as your best friends.

It’s not just about makeovers; this show is so much more than that! If you need a great, feel-good show, Queer Eye should definitely be your next Netflix binge!


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