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5 Hobbies You Can Learn From Home

It goes without saying that the past few weeks have been overloaded with stress from all the developments related to COVID-19. One large result of this horrible pandemic is the increasing amount of people self-isolating and “social distancing” as the entire world tries to get a grip on the virus. While these restrictions have been a large cause of anxiety for many people, I hope to share some of the positives that can come from spending some extra time at home. These five hobbies are perfect to get your mind off of the news for a bit, and maybe gain a new skill you enjoy!


While embroidery may have dated connotations, it has actually become quite popular as a way to easily personalize your clothing and accessories. All you need is a needle and thread, making this hobby easy and affordable. Whether you make simple designs or learn more complex skills, this hobby will hopefully allow a way to channel your creativity at home.

Nail Art

This is a hobby I have become more interested in, and have found myself experimenting with in my extra free time at home. Now is the perfect time to experiment with new designs and techniques, since no one will be seeing them besides you. 

Start Writing

Many people, including myself, aspire to one day write a novel or short story, but often lack the time to do so. However, now is the perfect time to sit down and put your skills to work, without the distractions of running errands and commuting to work or class. Sit outside to get some fresh air and start brainstorming—who knows what could come of it!


With people now staying home from restaurants, the need to cook from home has become increasingly present in many households. Instead of this becoming a chore, try looking up some new recipes and techniques you haven’t tried before. You can tackle some dishes that may have been too time-consuming before, and hopefully gain some cooking prowess you can carry with you!


I often find myself guilty of putting off working out, citing my busy schedule that leaves me no time to go to the gym. Yet with the move to remote learning and work, there is an abundance of time in the day in which you can work some exercises into your routine. Whether it’s a ten-minute walk around the neighborhood or an at-home Zumba class, working out will not only benefit you physically, but mentally as well.

I hope everyone is staying safe through this time of uncertainty, and are able to use these fun activities to bring some positivity into this stressful situation.


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Ruby is a sophomore from Phoenix, Arizona studying computer science and media science at BU. She loves to express her passions through writing, and hopes to help some readers along the way. Besides writing for Her Campus, Ruby spends her time cooking, reading, and exploring new coffee shops.
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