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I know I’ve probably said this before, but you truly are what you eat. While I always thought that this phrase only alludes to the physiological aspect of our bodies, what I have learned recently, is that unknown to most, the food we eat also affects our moods. Here’s my compilation of foods that can affect your mood, for better, or worse. 


It is loaded with healthy fats, such as omega-3s, which have been proven to help our blood vessels and brain. Healthy fats such as those found in fish and extra virgin olive oil may even have an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain that helps to prevent depression.  

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Chips
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This one probably comes as no surprise to you, but dark chocolate is packed with mood-boosting compounds and health-promoting flavonoids, which increase blood flow to the brain and, therefore, help regulate your mood — no wonder she’s your BFF when you’re irritable, cramping, and on your period.


Although you may not love this fruit since it is pretty polarizing, believe it or not, it can help you turn your frown upside down. Thanks to its high vitamin B6 content, it helps metabolize feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, and coupled with its high fiber content, it allows for stable sugar levels, which promote better moods as lower sugar levels tend to cause irritability. So, next time you’re on the verge of unleashing the hangry monster that lives deep inside you, try eating a banana instead.


Rich in an antioxidant compound known as anthocyanins, berries can help reduce the risk of depression by 39%. What’s more? They are literally nature’s version of candy. Who wouldn’t love that?


I know how hard this might be to hear for many of us (and pre-quarantine me too!), but caffeine can lower your mood just as quickly as it elevates it. Since it is a stimulant, it could even over-stimulate your brain, causing you to feel jittery, overly anxious, sleep-deprived, and even depressed at times. 

Clearly, there’s food for every mood and I really hope this helped you find yours! 

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My name is Anoushka. I am a Senior at Boston University, studying Journalism and Advertising. I am from Mumbai, India, the land of spices, culture, and colour. I love singing and basically anything that screams music. When I'm not writing or belting the notes to my favourite Adele song, I enjoy trying new foods (cooking and eating, of course), travelling around the globe, and looking for new ingredients to add to my superfood stash.
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