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5 Fitness Gurus You MUST Follow

This list encompasses some fun and educational fitness bloggers, all of whom post their workouts on both YouTube and Instagram. These lovely ladies also have their own fitness packages that you can purchase to follow on your own!

@busybee.carys – Carys Gray.

Carys’ bubbly and honest demeanor makes her my #1 favorite fitness blogger. Besides fitness, Carys talks about mental health and fashion on her channel. She is very transparent about things like her diet, gym lulls, and her mental and physical health. She and her boyfriend James are both dedicated to the gym and provide great workouts via their Instagram and YouTube accounts.

@linnlowes – Linn Lowes.

Linn Lowes is a fitness blogger who is certified in physical therapy and nutrition. Her videos are extremely educational, teaching the perfect form to work the right muscles. As a cancer survivor, she is also very open with her social media followers. I would recommend her channel or Instagram to anyone who wants to learn about your own body, and become committed to the gym and your health.

@jenselter – Jen Selter.

Queen of lower body workouts, Jen Selter is one of the best workout bloggers out there. Her millions of followers look on as she continues to produce new and interesting workout plans. Besides her workouts, she shares her beautiful travel destinations; her Instagram is curated to the utmost perfection of workout clothes, food, and travel.

@madalingiorgetta – Madalin Giorgetta.

Madalin’s quirky videos make her a fan favorite in the fitness community. A big advocate for doing what you want, she frequently discusses diet and mental health. Her own body-positive bikini line only makes her positive presence on social media even bigger. Madalin specializes in home workouts accompanied by nutrition plans. Her plans include toning, fat loss, and strength training—all inclusive for everyone’s desires.

@meggangrubb – Meggan Grubb.

Meggan Grubb and her fiancé, Niall Kirkland, are the ultimate power couple. Meggan provides great workouts targeting each part of the body. These workouts are made for everyone, providing everything from HIIT to weight lifting. On the other hand, Niall provides high protein recipes to accompany his fiancé’s workout plans. Meggan also dabbles in clothing, and even has her own line. Her Instagram is a must follow since it is filled with pictures just as bright and fun as her!

Even if you aren’t interested in working out, these ladies have beautiful Instagrams and interesting lives that are great to be a part of!

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Taylor is a freshman at BU with a dual degree in International Relations and Journalism. She loves vegan food, writing poetry and art museums.
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