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The 5 Best Schedule Makers for Type A People

Organization is key, especially for us Type A folks. Here are the 5 best schedule makers for keeping everything in order and making your calendar habits easy!

Google Calendar

I’m only slightly obsessed with my Google Calendar, but this is most people’s first pick when it comes to organizing their schedules. It’s incredibly easy to integrate across multiple devices and platforms— I’m personally in love with how Eventbrite RSVP tickets have an “Add to calendar” option (a very valuable feature considering how everything in college seems to be on Eventbrite).


This is my personal favorite. Coursicle is used primarily for schedule planning (you can choose your college and then plan your semester schedule) but I like using it as a weekly calendar to organize and color code my classes, co-curricular commitments, and work hours. It’s highly customizable, shows 24-hour time (the drop-down menu goes from 7:00 a.m. to 12 a.m., but you can type in specific times), and has a huge variety of colors.


Canva isn’t just for animated Insta story templates and every club’s Facebook event cover needs. You can make a surprising amount of documents/personal resources with its intuitive software, including creative resumes, letterheads, and class schedules. Making an aesthetically pleasing schedule is easier than ever. Check it out here.

Any Printable

There’s a bit of a control freak in every Type A person, and a minimalist weekly schedule like this one offers an enticing amount of control and creativity. This is also especially convenient for students who have schedules that change all of the time, whether that’s due to picking up different hours at work, flexible commitments, volunteer time, etc.

Excel Templates

For all the religious Excel users out there: can you please teach me how to use Excel? As a Type A control freak who likes to have all her commitments in twenty different places, it’s killing me a little that my entire life can’t be on Excel in addition to Google Calendar, Coursicle, and everything else. But Microsoft Office is kinda nice, so they upload nice templates like this one.

Go ahead and make your life more Type A! If you’re looking to get more organized, these are some of the best resources (and this is the best time) to make the jump!

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Carina is a senior studying Economics + Psychology at Boston University. She is passionate about marketing, Sally Rooney, and caramel lattes.
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