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5 Accounts You Need to Follow for Your Daily Dose of Relatable Content

Scrolling through your Instagram feed can be a dangerous game to play. We are constantly inundated with a stream of models, celebrities, and influencers who taunt us with their carefully curated lives and never-ending vacations. What’s the point of following these unrelatable people if it’s so painful to watch them live their best lives? To put it simply, it’s an entertaining form of escapism. Social media cynics know better than to fall for the trap of believing that these people are always living the high life, but sometimes we can’t help but feel inferior to these figures that paint such glamorous and convincing illusions.

On the other hand, there are some accounts that are switching things up by baring it all for their followers. Rather than shy away from some of the nitty-gritty parts of life, these artists and public figures publically express their experiences with mental-health, body-image, sex, love, personal hygiene, and the occasional existential thought. These amazing people are willing to share their most intimate stories (sans shame) with the world for the sake of making someone feel a little less alone, and that is certainly something to celebrate.


1. @thecheekyblog

Credit: @thecheekyblog on Instagram

As a chronic over-sharer, I worship Ariella Elovic and her hilariously candid illustrations. Her hand painted renditions of bodily and feminine struggles are both parts relatable and adorable. Everyday taboos that usually stay behind closed doors are brought into the light through her artwork, from pubic hair to pooping.


2. @binchcity

Credit: @binchcity on Instagram 

Julia Hava is the unapologetically sarcastic best friend who is never afraid to tell you that texting your ex “hey” is a desperate move. Her artwork combines vintage images with clever insights and observations about relationships, mental health, and society in general. Hava’s work is poppy and a little bit salty, and is sure to make you snicker to yourself as you scroll through your feed.


3. @rinnyriot

Credit: @rinnyriot on Instagram

Rinny Perkins also combines vintage images with oh-so-relatable idioms about love, relationships, and microaggressions. Perkins classily dismantles the patriarchy and speaks out about social taboos with her distinctly 70’s aesthetic poster art. She also makes some of the coolest zines, jewelry, shirts, and other merch that you can buy on her website.


4. @ambivalentlyyours

Credit: @ambivalentlyours on Instagram 

Sometimes words aren’t enough to express what you’re feeling. Ambivalently Yours turns your mixed emotions into surrealist portraits that accurately portray what your feelings would look like if they were brought to life. The artist pairs these drawings of your emotions from the inside out with short, poetic phrases. The artwork on this account focuses on mental health awareness and occasionally doles out some advice to those of us feeling lost and alone in our feelings who could use a little guidance from an empathetic friend.


5. @bymariandrew

Credit: @bymariandrew on Instagram

Mari Andrew creates poetic art for the sensitive soul who appreciates all of the little details in life. Her art is mostly text based, but her words transform into beautiful portrayals of our most complex emotions. Andrew bares her soul in her poetry, but she keeps her work ambiguous enough to apply to anyone reading. Heartwarming and incredibly relatable, Andrew’s collective account, full of stories and anecdotes, is definitely worth a follow.


Instagram can be a wonderful place for people to connect by expressing their most intimate feelings online while stimulating conversations about sensitive topics. A quick scroll through any one of these accounts goes to show that people are really there for each other and are willing to help one another by giving out insightful advice. All of these artists have proven that social media content is not always necessarily toxic, and can actually help people work through their toughest emotional moments.


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Emma is a senior at BU studying Journalism and Gender and Women's Studies in the College of Communications. She's originally from sunny Los Angeles, California. She is an avid fan of local bakeries and making oddly specific Spotify playlists.
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