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There seems to be a misconceived notion about heartbreak — we only ever get broken hearts from our romantic partners. Of course, romantic troubles are one of the most popular causes of a broken heart, but they are definitely not the only ones. Broken hearts can come from friends, families, or even mere acquaintances. Basically, so many experiences and people have the ability to hurt us. It sucks. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with broken hearts from so many different scenarios, but thankfully, I’ve overcome them all. In case you’re struggling with a broken heart now, or just need some motivation to power through whatever you may be going through, I’ve got you covered with 4 (easier said than done) steps to try.

Cry it out.

I know, tears can be messy, salty, and disgusting. But, it is so cathartic having a good cry sesh (especially to some amazing break-up sad songs). Bottling up your emotions until they explode is going to just make it worse and lead to a longer healing period. It’s better to feel it all immediately so you can start moving on and healing as quickly as possible. 

Remember your worth!
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As much as it hurts, remember that no one contributes to your worth or who you are: that’s only you. You are amazing and intelligent and strong no matter who you’re dating, no matter who you’re friends with, and no matter what moment in time you are in. A broken heart doesn’t change that. Remember you will get through it and come out stronger than ever!

Reach out to others.

Heartbreak and the emotions that come with it are hard enough to deal with alone, so don’t try to shut others out. Instead, find someone you can speak to about what you’re going through, whether it be a friend, family, or even a therapist. Talking about it will help you accept what you’re going through and figure out ways to move forward. I did this with my own mom and she gave me great advice and made me feel so much better about the situation in general.

Let life take its course.

A broken heart isn’t the end of the world, even though it feels like it is. Life will continue and you’re going to be okay. Throw yourself into your hobbies, your work, your favorite relationships, anything at all. Personally, writing and listening to music helped me process and move on from countless heart breaks, and being with friends and having fun with them made me remember that I have so many people in my life who care about me.

I know this won’t be for everyone; we all heal and move on in different ways, but if you’re ever at a total loss as to what to do, here’s a small list of suggestions. I know it can suck, but you’ve got this. I promise.

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Caitlynn Tibbetts is a freshman at Boston University, planning to major in Finance and Global Business. She has been published in the Florida English Journal and Parkland Speaks. Coming from South Florida, she’s excited to join and explore the city of Boston and everything it has to offer.
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