10 Things To Start Doing in College To Make Adulthood Easier

Growing up is tough. You have to learn how to live on your own and balance your own time, but everyone seems to do it. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the transition into adulthood a tad easier. The best part: you can start these ideas now! In a few years, you'll be glad you did! 

1. Read more.

There are so many benefits to reading. Every time you read something new, you learn something new. It expands your mind and provides you with new knowledge you may not have had otherwise. A great way to squeeze more reading into your busy schedule is doing so on your commute to class, work or reading before bed.

2. Learn to save money.

Create a budget and cut spending on unnecessary things! Make a savings account and add to it regularly. Living paycheck to paycheck during adulthood is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, so learning to save money and having savings will prepare for any hard times you fall upon.

3. Establish an exercise routine.

Yes, you’re in college now, your metabolism is fast, and you just don’t have the time or the desire to work out. However, you won’t be a young adult forever, and it’s a lot harder to start working out when you’re older if you don’t start now. Plus, exercising can help you in so many ways, such as relieving stress, providing you with more energy, and even helping you sleep better.

4. At least try to eat healthy foods.

Just like I said before, you won’t be in college forever. Eating pizza for dinner every day might seem okay now, but it’ll catch up to you soon. And eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Try new things, experiment with recipes, and you’ll find that things that are good for your body can taste great too.

5. Learn to cook.

Even if it’s just pasta recipes or soup, having some go-to meals to make for a quick dinner will save you time, money and stress. Ordering in or going out to eat every day just isn’t practical and you’ll feel good knowing that you can cook for yourself.

6. Be nice to your family.

You might prefer hanging with your friends now and you probably think your parents are so lame, but they’re the ones that are going to be there for you when you’re in a bad place. You might fight with your siblings now, but I promise you they’ll be your best friends when you’re all adults.

7. Get comfortable with being alone.

This is so important. In college, you are constantly surrounded by people. Most of your friends are a 10-minute walk away. You might be used to seeing them every day now, but after college, you guys might go back to your home states or move away. You’re not always going to have people around you. Get comfortable with your own company. Anyways, being alone could be good from time to time.

8. Set some goals but understand that the goals are not set in stone.

Start planning for your life. Have something to work towards that inspires you, motivates you, even scares you a little bit. However, allow for some leeway, as things almost never go exactly as planned. You may even realize in a few years that your goals have changed.

9. Invest in some quality clothes.

Sure, fast fashion allows you to keep up with trends for cheap, but that teddy coat from Forever21 probably won’t last you until next winter. Invest in clothes that will last years, especially when it comes to things like coats, jeans, and sweaters. They might have a more expensive price tag, but in the long run, it’ll save you money since you’re not repurchasing them every season.

10. Focus on your priorities.

That boy you’re ignoring your homework for? You won’t even remember his name in five years. You have plenty of time to find the love of your life later. In the meantime, focus on finishing your degree, spending time with your girlfriends, and overall investing your time in things that are going to matter well into the future.

When you’re a college student, it’s hard to think about the big picture. But doing little things now can greatly influence your future!


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