Our Summer Plans

Today, our writers are sharing their summer plans and how they think they'll feel being out of the Bryn Mawr Bubble.

Titi Bekele ‘21: I’m excited to go back home. Um, I don't know how I feel about Bryn Mawr bubble, because I’ll be going back to where I grew up. I will be working with people I’m not familiar with, but I’m confident I will do great! (Read Titi’s advice for making the most of your summer here.)


Avery Matteo ‘22: Right now, I’m unsure of where I'll be working this summer, but I am excited to tour some colleges with my younger sister and watch her begin planning a new phase in life. Since this will be my first long span of time at home since last summer, I don’t know whether being outside of the Bryn Mawr bubble will feel liberating or restricting. Nonetheless, I am incredibly excited to be home with my family and my dog!


Maria Bohan ‘21: I’m going to go back to where I worked last summer in the realm of communications and development. I don’t mind being outside of the Bryn Mawr bubble, but am not looking forward to having to cook all of my own meals again.