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4 Ways to Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms on Campus

The highly anticipated cherry blossoms along Pembroke West have arrived on campus! Due to the pandemic, students were not able to see the blossoms last April. Now that we’re back, campus has been full of students posing for pictures under the trees and studying on picnic blankets in the grass. Here are some fun ways to take advantage of these white and pink blooms while they are still hanging over the sidewalks.

Brunch picnic with friends

Set a date to picnic with friends and create a list of treats to bring. Some fun spring treats can be found here. Simple items like lemon bars, fruit with whipped cream, and madeleines with tea & honey are great options.

Study session

Nothing is better than studying outside while cherry blossoms petals blow onto your textbooks and laptop — it brings a sense of calm to your study session! The trees are lined up so that every person has their own tree to sit near, so you have a sense of privacy and silence while studying as well.

Cozy up with a book

This warm weather is calling for “beach read” season, so that means it is time to step away from your academic reading for a break and get lost in a fun, mindless novel that channels good energy for you. Relax, lay out a picnic blanket, play some tunes on a speaker, and read away. Here is a list of some new beach reads to enjoy. 


Get together with your friends and take photos with the blooms! If your friends have cameras, have them take portrait shots. Remember, the cherry blossoms only last 14 days, so what better way to remember them than by having a photograph session with your besties?

Ava Cappitelli

Bryn Mawr '24

Hi, my name is Ava! I am a sophomore at BMC studying Art History and English. I am interested in lifestyle photography & design.
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