4 Things You Can Do Instead of Studying for Finals

If you’re feeling burned out, here are some things to distract you from that 15 page paper due next week! Whether it’s self-care or procrastination (but what’s the difference??), these activities will give you some well-deserved rest.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

1. Eat mint-chocolate chip ice cream

Admittedly my favorite flavor, but this is definitely a good study break treat. The mint will not only taste cool and refreshing, but it will also help you focus. Studies have shown that the scent of mint improves memory and problem-solving ability.

2. Watch Gossip Girl

IMO this show is ridiculous. If you agree, it should make for some marvelous entertainment! The kids on the show hardly do any schoolwork and live lives of complete hedonism, so no stressful reminders of the work you should be doing J.

3. Browse Amazon for junk you don’t need (or maybe you do)

Bacon-flavored toothpicks? Stainless steel egg topper? Yes and yes. Even if you don’t end up buying it, looking at random products on the internet will give you a good laugh (and possibly make you realize what you needed all along).

4. Sleep

You’ve probably heard this everywhere, but sleep is a great way to distress. Even for a few minutes, you will wake up feeling recharged. Just don’t sleep through your study time…