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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryn Mawr chapter.

The second wave of midterms is coming! Are you freaking out? Well, me too!

I put off writing this article for awhile, mostly because I was too busy (and too lazy) to come up with a topic. But I conveniently realized that I have (another) two midterms coming up in the next couple weeks, so I decided to write this article as a pep talk and reminder not only for me but also for anyone who’s feeling stressed out by the upcoming exams. Don’t worry, we’re all in this together!

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1. Self-care

I can’t emphasize this enough, because I have to remind myself all the time too. Self-care is so important but at the same time so easy! It can be as effortless as getting a full eight hours of sleep one night, sleeping in on the weekend, watching a movie, eating out with friends, talking to a counselor, taking a trip to the city and so on. It’s important to remember that what’s self-care for others isn’t necessarily self-care for you. So do one thing that makes you feel genuinely happy, fulfilled and prepared to get back to studying for the exams! Oh, and you’ve definitely got to leave out guilty thoughts of “I should be doing work right now…” because as a human being you deserve some time off.

2. Get it done. Get it out of the way!

Okay, so now’s the time to get back to work! Again, I’m writing this as a reminder for myself too, to stop putting things off. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a huge procrastinator. It’s mentally and physically painful for me to start working, especially on a big project or a time-consuming assignment.

But here’s the thing: homework still needs to be done and papers still need to be written sooner or later. They don’t just magically disappear if you choose not to deal with them now. So take a deep breath, START and don’t stop until you’re done. Just like cliff diving! Deep breath, eyes closed, run and jump until you hit the water. Scientifically speaking, you only need to get through the first 15 to 30 minutes. Then once you get into the flow, doing work will feel almost effortless.

3. Remember that stress is only a conception.

For many of us college students, stress is simply a result of procrastination or a buildup of negative anticipation. What a vicious cycle, am I right? So how do you break out of it?

Well, the answer is simple, and you probably know it already but you just need to hear it from someone again: START WORKING! On whatever it is that you need to get done. I know, I know, it’s easier said than done; I couldn’t bring myself to do work either. But sometimes all I need is that extra push of someone telling me to START WORKING. So if you’re procrastinating and need a push, this is it.

4. It’s the weekend. Get off campus!

Physically get yourself away from the classes you’ve been cooped up in for five days. Being elsewhere will remind you that there’s a greater world to explore and enjoy, that there’s more to life than academics. Personally, being in the city allows me to temporarily leave school-related matters out of my mind and be a completely different person, which is why going to Philly is on my to-do list for almost every weekend. Your choice of activity or place may differ from mine, but whatever it is, make sure to take some time to detach yourself from academia so that you can come back revitalized and ready to tackle your exams!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say. GOOD LUCK ON MIDTERMS!!! WE GOT THIS!!!

Tessa Pham is a rising senior at Bryn Mawr College ('20), double majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. She was the event manager and a contributor for BMC's Her Campus chapter. Tessa writes to share her interests, passions, and experiences as well as to reflect on her personal development throughout college. She now publishes content at her personal website: www.tessagrethen.com.
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