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Workout Leggings: What Should You Buy?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

For those of you who are avid gym-goers, you may own an abundance of clothes that are specifically just for working out. Below is a list of different types of legging, and why they are all great for intense workouts, or if they have some downfalls.

Align Legging (Lulu Lemon)

These are a bit steep in price, ranging from $80 to $100, but the quality is beyond worth it. Lulu Lemon has a such a fit within the legging that shapes your legs and your butt to look more in shape, especially the Align leggings. Although they are not the spandex-like material, like the Wunder Unders, they still provide impeccable material that is great for working out. The leggings stay up when you run and provide you with a comfortable workout experience.

Salar Solid Powerhold Legging (Fabletics)

While Lulus are a great option for working out, Fabletics has very comparable quality in terms of their products. These leggings stay up extremely well while working out, and are extremely comfortable for intense workouts. We would fully recommend these to anyone, and usually when you are a first-time customer of this company, you get two pairs of leggings for $24, while those two leggings normally would add up to a $99 value. These are a little more reasonable in price, so they may be more appealing to the average college student.

Athletic Wear (Old Navy)

Most people are unaware of the line that Old Navy offers. Their leggings do run a little small, and since they are not made with the materials that Fabletics and Lulu Lemon use, they do not have the same comfort while working out. I do recommend these if you are looking to wear a cute workout outfit without going to the gym, but do not recommend for a full-blown outfit for running or lifting in.

TJ Maxx

This may sound weird and unexpected, but TJ Maxx sells moderately good leggings! We tried them out for the first time a couple weeks ago to work out in, we do not regret buying them for a minute. These are very cost-efficient, which is the most appealing part about them. In addition, they can also make a really cute outfit for everyday wear!

All in all, we believe that buying quality leggings is more efficient than buying leggings that will just fall and get slouchy when you work out in them. Splurge and buy the leggings that will make working out an easy time in which you feel comfortable!

Junior at Bryant University from a small town in Connecticut