Why You Should Be Using Organic Tampons

You have probably heard some buzz around organic feminine products - aka all-natural pads and tampons - and wondered: should I be using these instead?

In 2019 these products gained a lot of attention; between innovative start-up brands like Lola and Cora, as well as mainstream feminine care brands like Tampax have been jumping on the organic-tampon train.


All-natural brands argue that making the switch to purely organic tampons is crucial to your health, while traditional feminine care companies say that your choice is all about personal preference. But what really is the difference between an organic tampon and your average, run of the mill, tampon?


Of course, anything labeled as “organic” is usually deemed as being better for your body versus something that is, well, not organic.

Regular tampons are filled with harmful toxins like herbicides, pesticides,  bleaches, synthetic materials, and dioxins. Dioxins are created when the cotton/rayon filling is bleached in chlorine to look clean, but are unfortunately known to cause cancer. Although all materials used to make regular tampons are FDA approved, they aren’t necessarily listed out on the box for consumers - so depending on the manufacturing process, there can be tons of harmful chemicals in our tampons that we don’t know about!


Organic tampons’ claim to fame is being free of these harsh chemicals - they’re simply made with 100% organic cotton. We’re not doctors, but this sounds a whole lot safer to us!


Not only are organic tampons better for our bodies, but they’re better for the environment as well! Since organic cotton is free of pesticides and herbicides, this saves the environment and wildlife around these plants from harmful chemicals as well. The chemicals can easily seep into waterways or soil and kill off pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds. Eliminating, or at least limiting, the use of these chemicals helps the environment on cotton farms continue to thrive!


Because there are so many benefits to using organic tampons, people often assume the price attached is higher than traditional tampons - this is just a misconception! Organic tampons are actually the same price as regular tampons, ranging between $7 and $13 for boxes.


If you’re interested in purchasing organic tampons but don’t know where to start, our favorite brands are Lola, L Organic, The Honest Company, Cora, and the Tampax PURE line!

Vaginas are one of the most sensitive organs in our body - it’s time we start looking into what’s in the tampons we use every month to make sure we’re keeping our bodies healthy and free from toxic chemicals, ladies!


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