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Why You Need to Check Out Kourtney Kardashian’s New Website

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

It is no secret that Kourtney Kardashian is a favorite Kardashian. She truly is an icon in her own right with her monotone voice and her sarcastic comments, she is the real reason we keep tuning into the show. We think she said it best when joking with Kim, that if it wasn’t for her, the show would not be a success. If she isn’t your favorite, don’t come after us now – it’s just our opinion!


Kourtney recently released her new blog style platform, Poosh, named after her daughter Penelope (take that Kim for saying she is the least interesting to look at!).


Kourt already has a total of 2.5 million Instagram followers and will most likely grow from there. Poosh is a lifestyle blog that consists of everything from natural skin care to Kris Jenner being a BOSS, of course. We highly recommend checking her website out – we are already hooked on her all-natural lifestyle!


Some of us have sensitive skin, so we always try to choose products that are somewhat eco-friendly and do not contain harsh chemicals since they can irritate skin. After reading some of Kourtney’s posts, we have been more motivated to look at other products that should be all-natural with no contain toxic chemicals. She also shares some of her favorite DIY beauty and skin care tips that she uses, and of course, it includes avocado for a hair mask. After reading some of Kourtney’s posts you may just be inspired to look for some all-natural products for your lifestyle, and we recommend reading up on the benefits of switching over to non-toxic products.


Now we know what you are probably thinking: another Kardashian money venture, right? But as of now, everything on the website is free to read and is truly some great content to look at. It’s free right, so why not give it a look? Kourtney has also followed in her famous family’s footsteps and has done a YouTube video with Vogue on her natural makeup routine. HC Bryant loved watching some of the products that she uses, (and we just love getting any recommendations for skin care products to use!). We will admit that we’re a little jealous that all these celebrities and famous friends are receiving a package filled with goodies of all her favorite natural products!


Poosh is seriously the cutest, and we are looking forward to seeing what Kourtney does in the future. Maybe she will create an all-natural skin care line?

Stay tuned!

Check out Poosh here

Check out Vogue video here

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