Transitioning from Eating at Home to Eating at Bryant

Pillows, blankets, school supplies, and clothes. Food? Food may be one of the last things on your mind when you’re prepping and packing for back to school. You’re used to home-cooked food and almost anything you want to eat is a quick order away.

So you’ve come to Bryant -- a beautiful campus in a small town. What should you eat?


How to Map Out Salmo

The Salmanson Dining Hall or “Salmo” as many of us students call it, is the main dining hall on campus. You may hear many students complain that they “couldn’t find anything they like to eat”, but this is hard to imagine.

Breakfast at Salmo is our favorite. There is an omelet bar where you can pick whatever fresh veggies you want to put in your omelet. Don’t like eggs? Each morning there is a waffle maker, bacon or sausage, and some fruit available. For lunch and dinner, Salmo offers at least 10 different options including the typical pasta, pizza, and salad bar.

Take a walk around all of the stations before deciding what to eat because you never know what new things may be popping up. We recommend getting the Bryant University app where you can see what Salmo is serving before walking there, just in case you’re not interested.

Our favorite days to eat at Salmo? Chicken Patty Tuesday and Taco Thursday!


Nick's Late-Night Snacks (Thursday-Sunday)

Okay, so you’re up late in your room or in Fisher doing homework and suddenly… you’re starving.

We have all been there, and it's crucial to know about Nick’s Place late-night snacks. People will go through the year hungry while studying upstairs in Fisher and little did they know that just below them Nick’s was serving mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fries and chicken wings and more from 10 PM-Midnight (and yes they take dining dollars).

Healthy? No. Satisfying? Yes.


Get the CORQ App (AKA Find the Free Food On Campus!)

The CORQ app is new this year at Bryant and can be used to find and check-in to many events across campus.

Our favorite feature about the app? Free food!

Once you download the app, simply click events, campus, and then “filter”. The filter button allows you to choose events that offer free food and even free stuff around campus for the upcoming weeks. Take note of the start times… free food on a college campus goes fast!


Purchase Fruits and Veggies for Your Fridge

For those who can't or don't have cars on campus, right outside of Barrington House (Hall 16), there is a small sign that says “BTA”. This is where a van will pick you up and take students to Lincoln Mall (Target, Stop & Shop, Chipotle and more).

From our experience taking the BTA, the driver was nice enough to drop us off right outside of any of the stores we requested, not just one general location.

Take advantage of this to go to Stop & Shop to stock up my fridge with fruits and veggies (in an attempt to eat healthy snacks while in your dorm). 

Pro Tip: The Lincoln Mall Target does not sell fresh fruits and veggies, only frozen. The BTA van comes every 30-45 minutes and picks you up outside of Target.


"What Can I Order?"

So you’re getting tired of Salmo, and Nick’s, Subway and Dunkin have nothing you want. What can you order around campus?

Panera, Golden City Chinese food, Manville Pizza, Papa Gino’s and Dominoes deliver to campus. In addition to these restaurants which offer direct delivery service, GrubHub, Doordash and UberEats deliver a lot of fast food and sit-down meals to campus.

Our Favorites: Panera and Tavalo (through Doordash)