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Her Campus has come up with this list of workout plans so that you can get fit for the summer! We’ve also included some key foods to eat that can help you shed those extra pounds, and stay lean. If you follow any of these workout plans in addition to eating healthy, you are guaranteed to have a bikini-ready body by summer!

1) Fit Sugar released this list of 11 workouts to get you in shape by summer! Do the assigned workout at least three times that week! This list includes both videos and lists of exercise moves.

Week One: 10-Minute Boot Camp Workout By Jeanette Jenkins

Week Two: Bikini Body Strength Training From Tone It Up

Week Three: Circuit Workout By Celeb Trainer Jason Walsh

Week Four: Total-Body Toning Circuit By FitFabCities.com

Week Five: Heidi Klum’s Booty Camp Circuit Workout

Week Six: Fit Sugar’s Full-Body Circuit Workout 

Week Seven: Stacy Berman’s Beach Boot Camp

Week Eight: Warrior Fitness Boot Camp’s Total-Body Strength Circuit 

Week Nine: 6-Minute Boot Camp By Fit Sugar Editor, Susi May

Week Ten: Circuit Workout By Celeb Trainer, Valerie Waters

Week Eleven: Fit Sugar’s Legs, Abs, And Arms Full-Body Circuit Workout 

2) If you like to incorportae running into your workout, or just prefer more of a routine, this is for you! 


3) If you only have 20 minutes to work out, chose one of these workouts from Women’s Health! Make sure to switch up your workouts, and do not do the same one more than 2 times a week.
4) Last, but not least, be sure to eat healthy foods, like the ones pictured below! Don’t eat too many carbs,and  try your best to stick to fresh foods. Supplementing your workout plan with a nutritional diet will provide you with the best results!