Simple New Years Resolutions to ACTUALLY Stick to

Every year we hear so much about making New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes they are more long term goals to carry you through the whole year (which we usually don’t end up sticking to) and sometimes they are short term things to get your year started on the right foot. We decided to think of some resolutions that you can try and carry with you for the whole year. These are pretty simple goals and don’t require major life changes so they are easier for us collegiettes to actually follow through with.

  1. If you can do it in a minute or less, do it now.
  2. Turn off the lights and be in bed by midnight on weekdays.
  3. Try to sleep for 7-8 hours a night, every night.
  4. Don’t get in bed until everything for the day has been completed (unless napping, of course).
  5. Put yourself first – it’s okay to say no.
  6. Don’t take on too much at once.
  7. If you don’t go to class the morning after going out, you can’t go out on that night the next week.
  8. Do things for you, too, not just for other people.
  9. It’s okay to skip out on something if you’re too busy to be there.
  10. Don’t always feel pressured to be the one who helps people.
  11. Don’t feel like you have to do something if it’s too much, nothing is TRULY mandatory.
  12. If you wake up earlier than your alarm, stay up and get things done.
  13. Drink more water.
  14. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal.
  15. Limit fries to once a week.
  16. Plan for the future, but live in the moment.