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Music We Already Love From 2020

Alright, we’re only about a month into 2020, but the music scene has stopped for NOTHING this new year.

A number of our favorite artists have released, or will be releasing soon, some music and we are SO ready!

Eminem dropped a surprise album…

Demi Lovato is BACK after a nearly two-year hiatus…

Selena Gomez has released an album AND is soon releasing a new makeup line…

AND we got a beyond-the-grave album from Mac Miller…

We guess you could say 2020 has already been a wild ride for us music lovers.



Selena Gomez – Rare

Early in January, Selena released her newest album, Rare. She gave fans a little taste of the album before its release with her emotional single ‘Lose You to Love Me’ which was clearly about her rollercoaster of a relationship with Justin Bieber.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t think this may be her best album to date. It is extremely emotional and raw, but still features more upbeat tunes that we can totally jam out to with our gal pals. Shoutout to our queen Selena on moving on and up!

ALSO, soon she will be releasing her own makeup line, also called Rare, which will be sold in Sephora. She posted a promo on her Instagram and we cannot wait to see what she comes up with!


Demi Lovato – Anyone

If you read our previous article about Demi, you know that her recent Grammy performance was nothing short of absolute perfection. The performance also gave us the first listen of the single Anyone, which could make a grown man cry. We are waiting to hear about a potential album on the way, but we’re sure whatever Demi is working on will quickly become the album of 2020!


Eminem – Music To Be Murdered By

So, Eminem really took us by surprise with this one. However, this isn’t a new move. He dropped his album Kamikaze in the same fashion – with absolutely NO warning.

Music To Be Murdered By is quite honestly exactly what you may think by the title. With features from the late Juice Wrld, Ed Sheeran (who we have seen make epic collabs with Eminem in the past), Young M.A., our favorite feature on ANY of his songs – Skylar Grey – and many more. It has the typical Eminem beat throughout – that angry, incredibly fast rapping, and tell-all kind of energy. We appreciate Eminem and his legacy, so we’re not mad about this surprise release!


Halsey – Manic

Halsey has become one of our favorite female artists. Her newest album, Manic, allows listeners to feel like they are really getting to know the artist. It goes back and forth between vibes and features sound bites from films that include Amanda Sieyfried and Meghan Fox.

Our absolute favorite song on the album is 9/29, which is the last song.

Flirting with K-Pop, the style of this album is upbeat, but still emotional and we are given the chance to get a taste of Halsey’s mind.


Mac Miller – Circles

This one hurt, but in the best way that it could. Mac died in September of 2018 and devastated the music industry. His loss has not been forgotten since, but his producer and family were able to come together to finish the album he was working on before he died.

Circles is the companion album to his previous Swimmingmaking the idea of Swimming in Circles.

Fans were aware of Mac’s longtime battle with addiction and mental health issues, and we are able to see this come to light in Circles. It was a blessing to fans to be able to have this one last album with his voice – and it is literally a musical masterpiece. No matter how much it hurts to listen to, it will go down in history as one of the greats.


Future feat. Drake – Life is Good

One of our favorite rap duos has done it again with the single Life is Good. We can only imagine what’s going to follow the release of this (we’re kinda hoping another entire collab album). This song has the usual beat we get from their other singles, but we love it just as much.


Jonas Brothers – What a Man Gotta Do

What can we say – can the Jonas Brothers do any wrong? Between a catchy-as-heck song and an amazing music video, they have done it again. This is the kind of song that anyone can bop to, anywhere!


Kesha – High Road

We love Kesha, we always have. Rising from the hardships she has faced in the past, she has released her newest album, High Road.

The album is very chaotic, as it features her coined techno, energetic vibe that we have come to love, however, every song kinda feels all over the place. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t really complaining, it just wasn’t our favorite work by her – but that doesn’t mean we still won’t jam out to it with the windows down!


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