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The Most Important Things I Learned at My Summer Internship

There is plenty of things you learn at a summer internship — especially if it’s your first internship or real-life work experience. You quickly learn that it’s not scary at all, and actually the most rewarding experience!

These are the three that I found the most important lessons I took away from my past summer:


The importance of asking questions.

The first few weeks of my internship were all about learning. Learning about the company itself, as well as discovering things about myself. Everyone was always willing to help with what I did not fully understand, so I became comfortable with asking all the questions I had. Because I was living on my own for the first time, I was able to take the time to discover more about myself and explore my newfound independence.


The importance of confidence.

Going into my internship, I had no idea what role I played not only on the team I was on, but the overall company itself. Quickly after I started, I realized I was not just an intern, but the work I was doing added value to the company. I learned to not sit back, but to take initiative. I didn’t want to just wait for work to be assigned to me. I developed into a self-starter and became confident in my ideas and the projects I was working on.

The importance of networking.

One of the best things about my internship was it had opened so many doors for me to meet new people and expand my network. This allowed me to make many connections cross-functionally within the company. I learned not only about different opportunities I have for the future but about other potential fields that interest me as well.


Be the type of person that can adapt to change.

Having a summer internship gave me time to grow within a company as well as a person. By doing this, I had to go into this experience with an open mind and be comfortable with the idea of change. Having an internship that was miles away from home was a challenge that I was willing to face head-on. Yes, it came with its difficulties, but I will be forever grateful for the memories I made, people I met and the knowledge I gained.



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