How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

Ugh, cold weather. We just want our glowing, tan skin all year long -- but unfortunately, we can't always get what we want.

We have been there (and are there), so we know how miserable dry skin can make you. We have tried it all and have come up with our favorite -- and the most effective -- ways to keep your skin hydrated this winter!


Use Water-Based Skincare Products

Water-based products will keep your skin moisturized but won’t clog your pores and suffocate your skin like other products. No matter what your skin type may be, there is a moisturizer that will work perfectly for it! One step better is using products that have aloe water in them!


Serums, Serums, Serums

If moisturizers just aren’t doing it for you, serums are the way to go! However, those with oilier skin should be cautious with them.

There are ones for almost anything you could ever want for your skin! Want a dewy glow under your makeup? Want to lighten the bags under your eyes? Want to even out your skin's texture? There is a serum out there. They’re also great for keeping the skin hydrated (and smelling great)!


We all get dry feet…here’s how we deal with them:

Our life hack to dry feet is lathering them up with lotion at night (or when you’re going to be sitting for a while) and putting on socks to lock in the moisture! Although this sounds bizarre, it truly works like a charm!


Rosewater and Other Face Sprays

These are great when you need a quick spritz of moisture during the day. Especially when it’s that raw cold outside, the skin will dry out in no time.

One of our favorites is rosewater. They smell amazing and make our skin feel great (and smell just as great). They’re also perfect to bring on the go!


Invest in a Humidifier for Your Room

You spend a great deal of time sleeping, so it is critical you are also taking care of your skin during that time. This is the secret key to skin hydration and surviving the winter!


Avoid Long, Steamy Showers (No Matter How Much We Love Them)!

The longer your shower, and ultimately, the hotter your shower, the more moisture that will be stripped from your skin.

Yes, we know, we’re sad about it too. However, it makes all the difference when you rinse in lukewarm water compared to the usual scorching water temperatures!



Alright ladies, make sure to keep your skin hydrated this cold season! It will thank you for it!




Cover | Gif graphics by Giphy