Best Drunk Foods

We’ve all been there—3AM you come stumbling in your room and you feel as if you haven’t eaten for days. The drunk munchies have come over you and anything even relatively appetizing is on your mind. While you stand in your kitchen, you see three different items that have no relevance to each other, but somehow you think that mixing them all together is a good idea. You learn that it’s not, and you also learn that when it’s 3:30am and you are throwing up whatever the hell it was you just ate! In order to avoid this mix of disastrous foods, plan ahead and stock your fridge with some of the best drunk munchie snacks:



Pizza, pizza and more pizza! Whether you order dominos before you go out to have it there for when you get back, or you stock your fridge with frozen mini pizzas, you can’t go wrong.



Cheap, quick to make, and it honestly feels like a never ending snack.



Bagels are hands down one of (if not the greatest) foods on earth, and when you’re drunk…they are even better, trust us.

French Fries

They’re a greasy good-ness of potatoes that God has given us. God thought one day: How can I make these potatoes even better—and then they were born—French fries.


Mozzarella sticks            

Nothing better than a nice cheese stick, rolled in bread crumbs, deep fried, and dipped into red sauce. Yum.



You’re drunk and you obviously think mixing things is a good idea…MAKE NACHOS!!!!!! Create your own concoction.