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8 Lies You’ve Told Yourself to Avoid Working Out

1. Eating a salad cancels out the entire plate of curly fries you ate

You know it doesn’t work like that, but telling yourself that eating one healthy food makes up for your unhealthy choices makes you feel so much better about those fries​.

2. Snacks don’t count if they’re past 11 pm… or if it’s a weekend… or ever really

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, did it really make a sound? Snacks are the same way- they don’t count if no one saw you eat them. Snacks are calories that never happened.​

3. “I’m just bloated today”

Why don’t those skinny jeans still fit? Oh, you’re just bloated? Yeah… Right…​

4. Stress makes you lose weight, right?

College is so stressful I’m probably losing more weight than I’m gaining…No need to hit the gym!​

5. Walking around campus is all the exercise you need

Walking from class to class all day is probably burning as many calories as you would be burning at the gym, so its fine to skip out on going today, and tomorrow, and any other days you have class really.

6. “There’s 3 types of nuts in this ice cream so it must be healthy”

Finding all of the healthy components of the non-healthy foods you’re eating has become a talent. If there’s three different types of nuts then this is basically trail mix, which is healthy, right?

7. “It doesn’t really fit into my schedule”

School work takes up so much free time that you don’t have any time to go to the gym, but you do have time to watch and entire season of Grey’s Anatomy tonight.

8. “I’ll just go tomorrow”

The most classic excuse to avoid the gym is saying you’ll go tomorrow… Every day.

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