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Within Brown’s lovely campus inside the picturesque city of Providence, there is a vast selection of spots from which students choose to study. Whether preparing for an exam, working over a problem set, or a simple group meeting, Brown’s campus offers several options for doing work. Ranging from go-to hotspots to hidden gems, here are the best spots for study sessions across College Hill!  

The Basic Hotspots

There is no doubt that when midterm season is approaching, the Scili, Rock, and Hay, Brown’s famous libraries, are filled with stressed students preparing for exams. Every floor of Scili has a different story to tell. 

Starting from the basement, the study rooms and desks in the common area are a habitual choice among students who wish to study in a more focused environment – while enjoying the additional benefit of charging your phone in locked drawers. 

As you build your way up to the rest of the floors, you will certainly find a corner to study from, despite the hustle and bustle surrounding the library. 

If it’s studying in a room with more natural light that you are looking for, the Rock might become your favorite library, as the glass windows of the building offer views of the campus’s Main Gate and downtown Providence. Suitable for essays and readings, the Hay provides a classy and sophisticated atmosphere, with leather decor and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. 


            Not everyone enjoys following the traditional option of studying in libraries. Fear not; Brown has more to offer. The Blue Room and the Barus & Holley Caffe offer delicious coffee lattes, sweet pastries, and many more exciting snack options that are perfect for group studying. The Blue Room’s green booths and Barus’ tables are always filled with groups of friends who enjoy doing schoolwork while also socializing. Being close to classes held in the Main Green or the Engineering Area, these two student centers are a popular choice for short study sessions during students’ hectic days.  

Hidden Gems

If the challenge of finding the ideal study spot on campus still lingers after the libraries and student centers, there are additional buildings to explore. 

With the white, minimalistic, and modern decor of Watson Institute, how can one resist going to the south side of campus to do work? Providing both the alternative of studying in a private room and in the common areas, the building calls for relaxed study sessions and intense late-night studying. 

The most exquisite jewel on campus, though, is the Jackowsky Building of Archeology on Main Green. It is an unknown secret on campus that within that building, there are couches, desks, and a study area on the last floor that stimulate productive studying! Even though the building is located within the heart of the campus, the Main Green, that study spot remains hush-hush. 

The beauty of Brown’s campus lies in the fact that it accommodates students with diverse backgrounds and studying styles. Either inside or outside the gates of the campus, all students can certainly find the perfect study spot!

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Athina is a junior from Greece studying Business Economics and Behavioral Decision Sciences. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym and spending time with friends!
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