Self-care in College

It’s no secret that self-care is trending right now. However, it’s much easier to practice self-care when in the comfort of your own home! Face masks, chill time, long baths, and regular meditation aren’t exactly at the top of a college student’s priorities. With that said, there are ways to implement some more self-care into your college lifestyle, and not just saving it for when you go home over breaks. As the semester gets busier, work piles up, and you begin  to spend most of your nights under the harsh fluorescent lights of the SciLi, your general health will begin to suffer. The best ways to begin adding some practice of self-care is step-by-step and little by little. College shouldn’t be a reason for you to simply stop taking care of yourself! So without further ado, here are eight ways to practice self-care on college hill (or beyond).

  1. Set your alarm for ten minutes earlier. Ever have that 9am on the Main Green that leaves you speed walking from Pembroke?  We’ve all been there. Instead of rushing during the morning, simply set your alarm just a little bit earlier. Factor in the time it takes you walk to class, and maybe grab a coffee at Blue State or Shiru Cafe on the way! It will make that 9am much more enjoyable and rewarding.

  2. Take time for yourself! College makes it so easy to be around people all the time, but spending time with just yourself is so crucial to regroup and rejuvenate. Whether it is going on a walk and listening to a podcast, or going on a run around Providence (more on exercise next!), having some “me” time will keep you in a clear mindset.

  3. Go get some exercise. Even though it can be hard to schedule a workout into your busy day, waking up earlier or carving out a time to hit up the Nelson is always good for you. Because really, have you ever regretted a workout?

  4. Treat yourself to a manicure. Next time you finish all your studying early, how about rewarding yourself with a manicure instead of a Blue Room muffin? Metro Nails on Wickenden Street has a student discount ($10 for a manicure!) so that you can stay on budget and still feel classy.

  5. Watch a good movie. Sometimes you just need to completely zone out and do something that requires negative effort. Whether you’re a Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime kinda gal, crawl into bed and just zen out. Need a suggestion? Mamma Mia is always a feel-good movie.

  6. Continuing on the entertainment scene, making a new playlist is always a good way to de-stress and reset. I am a big Spotify fan (make sure to score that student discount!), so creating new playlists always inspires me to get my groove back.

  7. Go try a new brunch or coffee spot. Providence has endless, delicious places to try whether on or off College Hill. For something in walking distance, try Duck & Bunny or The Shop… both on Wickenden Street. Or if you want to go explore downtown, Sydney or The Grange are both tasty options.

  8. Lastly, sometimes we just need a good phone or Facetime session with family or friends. College, especially the beginning of the semester, can be a stressful time. Catching up with your high school friends in another state or telling your siblings or parents about what’s new at Brown is always a great cure for yourself.