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13 Can’t-Miss Tips To Secure Your Dream Internship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

Preparing for a professional working experience can be equally exciting and daunting. Luckily, there are many ways you can finetune your professional skills and prime yourself for an educational and fulfilling summer internship. Here are some tips which I have found to be very helpful. You have ample time to hone your competency this spring to have your best summer yet.  

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile with new clubs, leadership experience, work experience, and core competencies. Be sure to expand your connections with current classmates and alums from your school working in your fields of interest. Check out this article for more advice about optimizing your LinkedIn profile. 
  2. Visit and attend information sessions with career services at your school. There are ample opportunities and resume workshops in which you can participate that offer pertinent advice for creating your best cover letter.  
  3. Earn online certifications. Research skills that professionals in your industry of interest have, and look into online education programs that will give you a background of information before your internship. You can also add these certifications to your resume and LinkedIn profile. 
  4. Take an EdX Class! So many educational and professional courses on EdX are extremely niche and useful in preparing for professional internships.  
  5. Go out to coffee with upperclassmen that had a similar internship! Ask questions, learn how they prepared, and gain insights as you prepare for the summer. 
  6. If you are interested in management consulting or investment banking, prepare for casing interviews or banking interviews with a textbook and a friend at a standing time each week! 
  7. Attend the office hours of professors with professional experience in your fields of interest! A simple conversation can reap immeasurable benefits and excite you for your summer plans. 
  8. Join pre-professional clubs, which often host networking events and guest speakers, and send newsletters with useful tips and professional opportunities
  9. Connect with alums from your high school working in fields of interest. Be sure to reach out to younger and older alums for various perspectives. 
  10. Read the news and sources that publish information about your professional sector. Being generally aware of major happenings in your industry of interest is hugely important as you prepare for impromptu conversations with your colleagues. 
  11. Watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts about “Day in Life” and “Questions and Answers” with individuals in your industry. 
  12. Use Handshake to network with fellow students at your school and be aware of professional companies visiting and offering informative and networking effects on campus!
  13. Send handwritten thank you notes to those with whom you meet! Being grateful is so important and will be remembered!  
    Maggie Seidel is the President of the Her Campus at Brown chapter. In this role, she oversees and recruits new members and writers, produces content for Pinterest and Instagram, manages the calendar, editorial process, and brand partnerships, leads weekly meetings and outreach, and contributes weekly articles. Maggie studies International & Public Affairs and Entrepreneurship, and she is a current sophomore. She is also a chair on the executive leadership team of Brown University's Women in Business, the Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Intercollegiate Finance Journal, a teaching assistant for an entrepreneurship class at Brown, and a member of Kappa Delta sorority. Her Campus is Maggie's place of happy. She also loves to play tennis, celebrate holidays of any and all kinds, curate new Pinterest boards, and enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch and cup of warm coffee.