Meet Her Campus at Geneseo

Her Campus at Geneseo began at the State University of New York at Geneseo in fall 2017 with about eight dedicated members. The chapter became a registered student organization at SUNY Geneseo in spring 2019. Since then, our chapter has grown tremendously.


Introduce yourselves CCs!

My name is Rebecca, and I’ve been Campus Correspondent of HC at Geneseo since fall 2019. I had a Co-CC last year, but since this summer, it’s just been me and my wonderful executive board. I’ve been with the chapter since its launch, and I’m excited to see its growth since then!

I’m a senior double major in English (creative writing) and communication (journalism and media). Aside from my classes, I’m very involved on campus in many different editorial positions. Aside from HC, I’m the Copy Editor for The Lamron student newspaper and Co-Managing Editor of Gandy Dancer literary magazine. I’m also a Career Peer Mentor in the Department of Career Development. On Friday nights, I’m dancing my heart out with OGX. Although I’m constantly doing things, I couldn’t imagine my senior year any other way!

In the rare free time I have, I’m reading, writing or hanging out with my friends.


How big is your committee? And your chapter size?

Currently, HC at Geneseo has 25 talented members dedicated to writing, editing and/or creating social media content. Our e-board is made up of seven incredible women who do so much to make HC at Geneseo the best it can be. Sadly, two of our e-board members are graduating in December, so we’re holding elections to fill their spots. While I hate to see them leave, I know they’ll do amazing things after graduating. In addition to filling two spots, we’re creating a new position—Diversity and Equity Director—and electing new CCs.


What events have you run this semester?

Due to COVID-19, HC at Geneseo has been completely virtual, but that hasn’t slowed the chapter down at all. We hold virtual weekly meetings that end with a brainstorming session and semi-regular writing workshops where we collaborate on Round Table articles. Round Tables are fun articles about a topic where any writer can contribute a paragraph, such as why we chose Geneseo.

Aside from weekly meetings, we planned a few virtual bonding activities. Our Co-Events Directors took over mid-semester plus it’s a new position at our HC chapter, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to plan events; however, they have a lot of cool ideas for the spring. A chapter favorite is an online knock-off version of Cards Against Humanity. They’re also working on planning one last bonding event to get everyone into the festive spirit.

We also planned two themed content weeks. We completed our annual Halloween theme week in October, writing articles such as embarrassing Halloween costumes and favorite Halloween movies. We also just finished a Disney theme week, where we ranked High School Musical songs and Disney princes as well as debated our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies.

While this semester may have been different due to COVID-19, the HC at Geneseo e-board has done its best to make everything we do special.


What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Soon, Geneseo students will be swamped in finals week, but I’m sure we’ll be checking in on each other. Since the semester is winding down, we’re only having one more meeting and one more bonding event.

My goal for the rest of the year is to finish strong and post thoughtful and creative content.  


Link your three favorite articles published on your chapter this semester.

Choosing only three articles that were published this semester is very challenging. Every HC at Geneseo writer has a unique voice and intriguing ideas that stand out to me in different ways. I decided to choose articles based around ongoing current events at Geneseo because these are issues that matter to me, my writers and the Geneseo community. These articles touch on serious topics that need to be discussed on our campus, at other colleges and throughout the world.

While Geneseo may have some problems. that doesn’t mean students don’t love Geneseo any less; it just means that students work hard to create change for the better.

The first article is about Geneseo’s Greek life, the culture of sexual assault that pervades our campus and what our Title IX Office is doing to combat these issues.

The second article is about how two Black Lives Matter memorials were painted over with red, white and blue messages of “God Bless America.” The article features quotes from organizers of a COVID-safe BLM protest in response to the paintings being covered.

The third article is the first of a series written in response to a student’s transphobic comments on his social media accounts. The article also defines important terms to the LGBTQ+ community.


While I chose three serious articles, our writers also love writing about shows, books, movies and so much more. Please check our more of our articles on our chapter page and follow us on Instagram to get to know what we care about!

I hope that you all have gotten to know HC at Geneseo better!