Round Table: Why Did You Choose Geneseo?

Just like past Her Campus members did in an article a couple of years ago, it’s time for a new group of HC members to share why we chose Geneseo.


Dara Scolnick

In 2018, I was on a tour of Geneseo and immediately fell in love with it. The campus was beautiful. The size of the school was small but still big enough where I felt like I could always meet new people. The academic buildings and library were nice (RIP Milne). I was visiting other schools during this trip, but, when I came to Geneseo, I decided I didn’t need to see anymore schools. I found the right place for me. I also chose to come here because of the great reputation it has for the education program (which I now know is very valid because the School of Education is amazing). The last reason I can remember that I decided to come here was because of Main Street. It reminded me so much of home with all the cute little shops and restaurants. I really do love and appreciate Geneseo, and I’m so happy I chose to go here two years ago.


Nina Fichera

Fun fact, I had already decided that I was going to apply to and attend another school, one all the way in Connecticut. My mom practically had to drag me here, and I was so moody about it that I didn’t even bring my notes notebook (as opposed to my writing notebook). The first time I looked at the campus, though, I fell in love, and grudgingly took notes in my writing notebook. As it turned out, I could picture myself a lot more easily here than in Connecticut, and here I am!


Margaux Carmel

Geneseo was my number two on my college list, second only to a really cool college in Boston. Realistically, I chose Geneseo because it was way cheaper, but I also applied to three other colleges, so I also chose Geneseo over them. I live near Geneseo and knew it was a cute college town and had a really pretty campus. The program that I started out in was also really good here, and I knew that the LGBTQ+ community on campus was strong, and I knew I wanted that at school! All in all, Geneseo wasn’t my first choice, but I don’t see myself being anywhere else for undergrad but here.


Megan Miller

Geneseo was the first school that I visited, and I knew I loved it. I had applied to six other SUNY colleges before even visiting any of them. Once I visited the rest of the schools, I knew that Geneseo was the one that I wanted to go to. I had applied to them for general admission so I called admissions and got my application switched to early decision. I knew I was coming here in December of my senior year!


Ally Schultz

When I first started looking into colleges, I had every intention of being a biology major. Many of my science teachers had gone to Geneseo and said it was an amazing school. I liked the school a lot when I visited, so I applied early. I was accepted in December with plans to go into studying genetics. Flash forward to now, and I am no longer a biology major; I am now a communication/journalism major, which I love. I’m just happy that I found something I enjoy at a school that I love!!


Abby Wendler

I came to Geneseo on a tour with my brother and best friend during my junior year of high school. The whole tour we were laughing at the weirdest things around campus, like making fun of the log cabin and pick-up trucks. When I thought about Geneseo, it would just make me laugh so I applied. 


Lily Connerton

To be completely honest, I “chose” Geneseo because none of the other schools I applied to accepted me (LOL). But truly, I think everything happens for a reason. Initially, I only applied to schools I felt I could make home, and in the past two years, Geneseo had become this and so much more for me. I have taken away many great experiences throughout my time here, been accepted into the program I originally applied to Geneseo with the intent of majoring in, and ultimately, I’m so glad to be a Knight.


Madison Centeno

Geneseo was my second choice to Lafayette College. I was so excited when I got accepted into Lafayette only to realize they gave me almost zero financial aid and I would have to pay about $60,000 a year. Even when I reached out to their financial aid office and asked them to provide me with more aid, they lowered it by only $5,000. I knew I couldn’t afford that, so I had to look at other options. Ultimately, I chose Geneseo because I was already familiar with the campus as my sister went here and I loved how beautiful it was. Besides being in love with the campus, Geneseo provided me with a good amount of financial aid, which made my choice easier. Even though this wasn’t my first choice, I am still so grateful to be a part of this campus community. 


Julia Clancy

I chose Geneseo super last minute. Throughout my entire college search, I had my heart set on going to Nazareth. I live really close to Geneseo, and admission can be pretty competitive, so I really only applied to see if I could get in. When I got my acceptance letter, I was a lot more excited than I thought I would be (and if we’re being 100 percent honest, SUNY schools are WAY cheaper than private). So, I decided to attend Geneseo as an education major because the school of education is highly accredited, but ended up changing my major to communication last semester. Even though I decided to change my major, I’m still really happy that I chose to attend Geneseo. 


Monica Weber

Since I became a tour guide in the admissions office two years ago, I have told my story of why I chose to go to Geneseo a lot—so much so that it feels like my “why” story has become an integral part of my experience here. I always tell this little story at the end of every tour that I give here, hoping that it can inspire someone else to find their home in Geneseo. For the millionth time (or so it seems), here is why I chose Geneseo: I grew up around the area, Geneseo was literally my closest Wegmans, so I grew up knowing about the campus from a young age. However, I am a very indecisive person, so when it came time for me to choose a college, I made my parents travel all across New York State to find me the perfect fit. It wasn’t until my Accepted Knight’s Day that I was able to take a formal tour with students on the campus that I realized Geneseo was my home. I saw people holding doors open for one another. I saw people working in study groups making sure everyone understood what was happening before moving onto the next question. I saw faculty and staff going out of their way to say hi to students. It was then that I felt as though I had found a community that I could easily call my home for the next four years. I’m about two and a half years in, and I have never regretted that decision. 


Emily Tsoi

I was torn between Geneseo and New Paltz when I was making the big decision. Both schools are pretty similar in the quality of education and in their cost of attendance since they’re SUNY schools, but I ultimately chose Geneseo because I thought the campus was prettier. When I first came for a visit, it was during the fall, so of course, I fell in love with how beautiful it was. Also, at the time, it still had the reputation of “Harvard on the Hill,” and so I was slightly drawn in by that. I also thought it would be better for me to experience life a little bit further from home as I live not too far from New Paltz. I think I made a pretty good decision in choosing Geneseo and miss the campus deeply as I’m at home this semester.


Jessica Kaplan

When I first came to Geneseo, I had no idea what to expect. By the end of the tour (and it was the first college tour I ever went on), I turned to my parents and said, “I don’t think I need to look at anymore schools; this is the one I want to go to. I can just imagine myself here.” My two best friends who came to look at the school with me looked at each other in confusion and asked, “you really want to go here? It’s so cold though.” My dad laughed at my assessment of this and said, “I love this school for you, but I think you should look at more. It’s only the first one you’ve seen.” Hence, the adding 15 more colleges to my Common App, the tours, the interviews, the info-sessions, the retaking the SATs (and then the ACTs), exploring the small liberal arts campuses, all of it. Yet, it still came full circle back to Geneseo after all the decisions came in. I knew when I came to Geneseo I would go there because it just felt right, even though I forgot about it after getting swept up in the excitement of possibilities. I definitely think it was a lesson in listening to your gut instinct, and also the idea that everything works out in the end. Yes, I may have applied to schools all throughout the northeast and, in the moment, had absolutely no clue how it would end up. But ultimately, it all came full circle. I’m happy with my time at Geneseo, and I’m graduating this semester thankful for all the friends I met, memories I made and sunsets I saw!


Lucy Laats 

Choosing Geneseo was really a gut decision. I had a few options, but Geneseo just seemed right for me. Not only is it a lovely campus, I thought the town was super cool and it just seemed like a good place to live. The campus wasn't too far away or overwhelming, and as I was touring I fell in love with it. 


We’re glad we chose Geneseo!