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MANGO’s New Voices: a new ambition?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bristol chapter.

When the high street classic Mango launched its new campaign fronted by 5 young models, I was initially surprised by its choice. I usually associate the brand with an older demographic who purchase sophisticated workwear staples and floral summer dresses, not with a generation that is obsessed with athleisure. However, having watched the campaign and read the interviews with the models, I realised that Mango is striving to show that fashion is about more than just clothes. 

Mango’s new ambition is clear. It is not only trying to increase its demographic range by appealing to a younger audience by using younger models, but it is also trying to add dimensionality to fashion in order to dispel beliefs that fashion is vapid and narcissistic. By choosing models who have roles external to the fashion world, for example the British model Adwoa Aboah, who has appeared on the covers of both the US and UK Vogue magazines, is also the founder of Gurls Talk, a platform for young women where they are encouraged to share their feelings about everything from art to anxiety. This demonstrates that Mango acknowledges the importance of looking beyond the face value of fashion. For example, while one of the most recent focuses in fashion has been on sustainability, Mango has created a new forum for discussion concerning the role of the model within fashion; she is no longer just a walking clothes-hanger but a person who exists beyond the remit of fashion working to create positive change. This campaign has showed that Mango is remaining relevant in the ever-changing fashion landscape. By using these five multi-talented models, Mango is effectively creating role models of the future and so, is paving the way for a new generation of thinking around fashion. 

But what about the collection itself? I have been into the Mango Cabot Circus store multiple times and this collection is at the entrance of the store, so cannot be missed. I absolutely love the pastel colours in the collection, with a particular focus on pistachio green which was reported as the ‘it’ colour of the season.  My particular favourite pieces from this campaign are the Missoni-esque stripe inspired trousers in perfect pastel green hues. I also like the 24-carat gold plated stone signet rings which look much more expensive than their £19.99 price tag. However, if athleisure is your thing fear not, Mango are doing some ribbed aqua green cycling shorts – there really is something for everyone in this collection. 

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Immy Waters

Bristol '21

Studying History of Art at Bristol University
Sarah Wilson

Bristol '19

Co-President of Her Campus Bristol