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How to Get Fit at University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bristol chapter.

We all know how important exercise is for both physical and mental health. As students, it is extremely important that we are active as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, particularly as a means of destressing. If you’re finding it difficult to get motivation to exercise, or just aren’t sure where to start, here are some of the ways you can get fit!

Join a sports society:

There are over 60 sports clubs at the University of Bristol, with a range of mixed and single sex sports to get involved in. Sports societies are one of the easiest ways to make friends who have similar interests whilst exercising at the same time. Some of them you have to try-out for and the majority require a membership fee, however its certainly worth it if you thrive off social exercise and teamwork. To name a few, Rugby, Dance, Korfball, Athletics and Pilates are just a small majority of the sports societies on offer for women at Bristol.

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Join a gym:

If you prefer exercising alone, joining a gym is a great option because not only do you have access to weights and machinery, but you can go as often as you like. Most gyms have a monthly fee, but some have special student deals; for example, at The Gym in Cabot Circus you pay £99 for 9 months. Of course, the University gym is a popular option for many students, which also gives you access to the swimming pool.

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Get Active/ Fit and Fabulous

Fit and Fabulous is a fantasic scheme for students that identify as women; for just £20 you get a pass for the entire year and can go to as many exercise classes as you want, most of which are held at the SU. These include indoor football, yoga, Zumba, Legs Bums and Tums and water aerobics. Get Active is a similar concept but for both men and women, but slightly more expensive at £50.

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Work out at home – for free!

With Youtube, fitness DVDs and hundreds of apps available at the touch of a button, working out at home is the easiest and cheapest way of getting fit. Invest in a yoga mat, some small weights and switch on your laptop! Some of our favourite fitness vloggers and bloggers are Yoga with Adriene, Blogilates and Carly Rowena


Bristol is seriously beautiful, so take advantage of its scenery by going for walks! Check out our list of 5 amazing walks to go on in Bristol.

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Let us know your favourite way to get fit!

Her Campus are looking for a regular fitness blogger to write fortnightly articles. If you are interested please email Abbie, our Lifestyle Editor at as14714@my.bristol.ac.uk.

Abbie is Lifestyle Editor for HC Bristol, currently studying English at the University of Bristol.
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