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5 Ways to Nurture your Femininity in the New Year

In a world dominated by masculine values as women, we often discredit our feminine side. Yet, recently there's been a significant surge in the discussion surrounding the benefits of unleashing your ' divine feminine energy' and womanly potential. While the notion stems originally from a spiritual grounding, that doesn't mean it is out of reach from being used practically by all of us. 

Your feminine attributes are what make you nurturing, caring, creative, and emotive. It is the energy that encompasses 'being' rather than 'doing'.

However, in the capitalist society we inhabit today there is often a greater focus on productivity and rational thinking, which we therefore put on a pedestal. That's not to say such attributes are not vital, it's more to warn against falling into the trap of believing they are of greater importance than feminine traits. The best way to really unleash your potential being to synthesize these two aspects of your nature. 

But first, let's get back to ways in which you can nurture your femininity :


1/Self-care – Get to know your body

Take a bath, put on incense, candles, and play relaxing music, anything that gets you in touch with your senses. This step is so important for reconnecting with yourself and a perfect excuse to invest in natural skincare and body products to nourish your body from the outside.


2/ Express yourself – Journaling and Art 

Allow your emotions to pour out in your journals and engage in any artistic hobbies that enable you to channel your feelings. Remember these don't have to be perfect, and only need to be for your eyes so get as creative or heartfelt as you want.


3/ Move your Body ( Yoga is great for this one)

You don't have to be a master or even practice every day, but basic yoga stretches and poses can do wonders for getting in touch with your body and delevoping inner awareness by focusing on your body's ability in the present moment. Yoga by Adrienne is a great place to start for beginners and if you are looking to advance further, Kundalini Yoga is the way to go. 


4/ Take time out in nature 

It is known as 'mother' nature for a reason, it nurtures and cares for us; the earth's physical embodiment of feminity. Reconnecting with the earth can be one of the most profound ways to get to know your feminine side. So, go for a walk, sit out in nature, and go see that sunrise or sunset. 


5/ Spend more time with your female friends 

And by that, I mean quality time and quality conversations with the women in your life. While we often fall into the trap of seeing women as competition, this does not benefit anyone. Your female companions and sisters are instrumental, arguably integeral, for your growth and support, so make sure to show them some love and appreciation back.


This article is part of our themed week on setting sustainable and healthy New Year's resolutions and gearing up to face 2021. Happy new year to all of our readers, and here's to a better 2021!


Orla McHale

Bristol '23

Second yr English Literature student.
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