5 Things To Know Before Running the Bristol 10k

With the Bristol 10k looming in May, now is the perfect time to dust off your running shoes and get training. Never run a race before? Never fear - even the most basic of beginners can become fit enough to complete it. Even better, its the perfect opportunity to raise money for a great cause! Here's 5 things to know before you start. 

1. Have a training plan

The worst situation to be in is to turn up to the race completely unprepared as you're bound to fail. Training should begin as soon as possible, particularly for beginners, so you get adjusted to running for long periods of time. Its recommended that you leave yourself at least 10 weeks to prepare, so now is the perfect time to begin. Check out the Nike+ run club for great tips on how to create your own training plan.

2. Go easy 

A 10k is all about endurance, not speed, so begin your training at an easy pace. Try starting off at a pace which you would be comfortable talking at, and gradually build up speed as the weeks progress. 

3. Do a rehearsal 

A 10k takes up an entire day, and involves everything from the amount of sleep you get and what breakfast you eat to what shoes you're wearing. If you have the opportunity, spend an entire day dedicated to practicing the race, so you can see if there are any changes you need to make before the big day. 

4. Get a friend involved

Training with a friend will not only be much more fun, but will also motivate you; studies have shown that those that run in groups consistently go farther than those who run alone. Also make sure you have a group of mates to meet you at the end of the finish line to reward you with a well earned pint. 

5. Eat right

Fueling your body in the right way is essential before a long race. The evening before you should have a large carbohydrate based meal, such as a bowl of pasta or baked potato and try and avoid anything too high in fat, like cheese and cream, as these can be slow to move through your gut. In the morning, aim to eat 2-3 hours before the race - this should also be a carbohydrate based meal to give you optimum energy, such as porridge or toast and a banana.