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I have come to the conclusion that college literally sucks the energy out of you. I mean I knew I would be tired but I never get any sleep. I work during the week, have classes all day Monday-Thursday, and I’m up all-night studying. If you take English 101 or Psych 101 then you know my struggle. It’s so much reading. I have never read so much in my life. Sometimes I’m up at one in the morning doing homework even though I have class at nine. Will you ever get enough sleep in college? The world may never know. But there is a couple of solutions to help keep you energized through the day. First solution: energy drinks. I personally have never tried an energy drink but I see lots of students around campus with so they must do something. Most of them have Red Bulls so try those. Another solution is that you could try taking power naps in between classes whenever you have a break. Trust those will help…… most of the time. Now sometimes you can take a nap and be even more tired than you were before you went to sleep. I know the feeling honey. The last solution is that you can try to get all of your work done before the weekend hits and then just sleep your life away (not literally). But this can kind of give you a chance to catch up on some much-needed sleep. If none of these works, just pray. Because you will need it.

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