Living With Him

Imaging being with a guy that always brings you down. That always makes you feel like you can not be yourself. He thinks that playing tricks on you is cool and when you fail, it is almost as if he gets stronger and you get weaker. You want to leave but you are stuck with him for life. There is no way out. You can’t run. Don’t think about hiding because he will find you. Well, I live with him and his name is Dyslexia.

When I was in the 3rd grade I was diagnosed with dyslexia and he has always caused me trouble but looking back at it he is kind of like a “frenemy” He has brought me down but without him I do not believe I would have found my true love. Words. Me and words have been at it for a minute and this guy, Dyslexia, will not stand between us. Words and I fell in love as soon as we laid eyes one each other. I remember it like it was yesterday. I opened that book and He looked at me and I looked at him and I said “goodness, I can’t pronounce you yet but when I can I won’t stop saying your name.” That is how we met and then when I found out I could put words together to form something new and create pictures, our love just grew stronger and stronger.

Our love for each other grew so strong that when I turned fifteen I decided to publish my own book and when I turned seventeen I published my second. Now I am nineteen years old and me and words have been going at for some years now and I am working on my third book. My third book is name Lessons from The Wise. As a writer I have always had this deep passion for story telling. I believe that everyone has their own story and no two stories are the same. Although our generation has a lot going on, the people with the best stories are the elderly. The ones that fought for our freedom. The ones who new Martin Luther King. The ones who was there to see the first music video, who watch the serious of technology grow, who lived in a generation where fighting was adnornamal. The ones who look at today and shake their heads. They are the ones who have a story to tell and I am going to be the one to tell it.

This book is made up of poems from the elderly which I interviewed. At the end of each poem there is a lesson that they wanted the younger generation to take away from and that explains the title. These stories are powerful! Listening to them were great but reading them is even better.  You would have never guessed the stuff some of these people went through.

It is not completed yet but Words and I did it again. I do not believe I would have made this all happen if I did not live with Him! Dyslexia has given me my own story to tell but because of Him I am so interested in what other people go through. I want the world to know that we all have something to say and we all have our own Him that we live with.