How to Survive Midterms at Brandeis

Brandeis students are not exaggerating when they complain about never-ending midterms.  They really are NEVER-ENDING. 

Whether you have a midterm exams, midterm papers, or midterm projects, you definitely have one per class, and in many cases two.  It sucks and makes everybody feel like this: 

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you stay sane and get you to April break one piece:  

Get an early start 

An exam next week and two papers due the week after? No problem! Take advantage this weekend and try to get as much done as possible ahead of time.  As a master procrastinator, I know that this can be difficult, but you're future self will definitley thank you. 

Plan your time

Make a study schedule and stick to it! Organization is key for helping you stay sane.  Plus, you'll feel so accomplished and satisfied as you cross things off your schedule.  

Treat yourself 

Just because you have a lot of work to do doesn’t mean you should hole up in the library 24/7.  Take some time to relax.  Maybe go for a run, have an impromptu dance party, or bake something yummy. You can even use these treats as incentive to work.  Promise yourself a pint of Ben and Jerry's from the C-store after you finish a chapter of orgo.  


This one is so important! Going to bed an hour earlier or taking a half hour nap does mean less study time.  However, a well-rested mind and body means that you’ll be so much more productive when you wake up.  You will remember things better and will be able to do your work faster.   So in the end, getting a little extra sleep will be well worth your while.  

Avoid distractions

Whatever you do, do not fall into the black hole that is the Internet! Stay away from Netflix, social media stalking, etcetera. 

Stay positive

Sometimes you just can't help it.  Your paper is due tomorrow and the only thing you've written is the title. Or maybe you were so busy studying for yesterday's exam that you've neglected studying for tomorrow's exam.  Rather than resigning yourself to failure, keep a positive attitude.  Chances are you know a lot more than you think.  So keep your chin up and power through.  You can do it!