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Fitness Classes at Gosman

As the third month of the year begins,  it is not too late to  create or follow up on some personal resolutions and goals for your fitness and health. Even though the cold may take a toll on our motivation, we cannot let it completely discourage us from being healthy and fit. So no more excuses ladies, it’s time to hit the gym and release some endorphins. Here is the schedule of fitness classes at Gosman for those of you who like to workout with friends or prefer a group-style of getting fit.


Zumba: 4-5pm/Lori/GDS


-Insanity: 5:30-6pm/Brittany/GDS

-Zumba: 6:15-7:15pm/Gabby/GDS

-Cardio Core Attack (CCA):  7:30-8:30pm/Brooke/GDS

-Power Yoga (PY):  8:45-9:45pm/Morgan/GDS


-*Faculty/Staff Yoga: 12-12:45pm/Kat/Interntional Lounge ($70 for 12 wk session or $10 drop in)

-Pilates/Yoga (PiYo): 5:30-6:30pm/Meghan/GDS

-Hula Hooping (HH):  6:45-7:45pm/Elena/GDS (only 12 hoops available, first come, first serve)

-Zumba: 8-9pm/Lori/GDS


-Insanity: 5:30-6pm/Brittany/GDS

-*Group Cycle:  5:30-6:30pm/Lisa/LMP1 ($70 for 12 week session or $10 drop in)

-Zumba: 6:15-7:15pm/Gabby/GDS

-PY: 7:30-8:30pm/Morgan/GDS

-HH:  8:30-9:30pm/Elena/GDS (only 12 hoops available, first come, first serve)


-*TRX:  12-1pm/Brittany/Field House ($70 for 12 week session, no drop in available)

-PiYo:  5:30-6:30pm/Meghan/GDS

-*Group Cycle: 6:15-7:15pm/Brittany/LMP1 ($70 for 12 week session or $10 drop in)

-Zumba: 6:45-7:45pm/Lori/GDS

-Hour of Power: 8-9pm/Brittany/GDS


-Power Yoga: 11:30-12:30pm/Kat/GDS

-Vinyasa Flow: 4-5pm/Morgan/GDS

-Zumba:  5:15-6:15pm/Gabby/GDS


There are no classes on Saturdays so you may want to take this day to rest or do some solo workouts at the gym.

Remember to make healthy eating choices, as well. You can do this! Show everyone your healthy self! Stay motivated!

*For more information, go to Brandeis’ Athletics website: http://www.brandeisjudges.com/landing/index


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