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“An empath is a person highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of those around them.”


What it’s like to be an empath:

Give. Give. Give. Care. Care. Care. Feel. Feel. Feel. A constant need and want to please others. Being an empath can feel like it is impossible to not care. Also, taking on feelings and emotions of others at an emotional level. It is emotionally draining and mentally exhausting being with people. This is because when you’re an empath more than half the time you are in a constant state of pleasing others. Caring about people is an amazing trait to have and it doesn’t mean empaths don’t like being with other people. It can just become overwhelming at times causing overthinking, feeling a lot , and a need to help all the time.

Do you ever feel like you are always reaching out to friends first, and they rarely reach out to you? Maybe find yourself empathizing with others and understand how they feel. Being in crowds and groups with a lot of people is stressful. This is because it is easy for you to read how other people feel and the mood. Some days or nights are spent exhausted and crying over relationships and people you don’t even know well. There can be a possible want to help others and always be there spreading your advice and kindness. It is possible that you may analyze and begin questioning emotions and feelings because you are putting everyone else’s above your own. It is a possibility that this can cause a disconnect with yourself and relationships with others.

How to have healthy relationship’s with an empath and or as one:

In friendships and relationships with others you should be enhancing each others lives not changing or controlling. Being in a relationship with an empath can be like them giving a lot and too much too fast. This is because empaths care A LOT. Be open with your significant other and let them know about your thoughts and fears. Letting them know how you feel is important so you can grow and learn about each other. Spend time together and apart. When you spend time alone you can reflect on your thoughts and grow as a person. When you are out with your significant other you can connect and experience life together. Create boundaries so you can better understand intentions and communicate. Although there can be some challenges, empaths are incredibly supportive, kind, and compassionate.

Key takeaways/taking care of yourself as an empath:

What to know about the empaths in your life? They care A LOT. How many times am I going to say that? It is so true though. They will give you a lot of love and the world if you let them. Empaths want love, support, and deep connections with the people in their life.

Steps to take if you are an empath: First, begin to learn how to live for yourself. Do you really need to do all of those tasks, say the right words, and care so much. Being an empath can be an amazing thing, just don’t let it consume you to the point of not prioritizing yourself. You have to save yourself and focus on your feelings. It will benefit you, so don’t get lost trying to help others. At the end of the day, everyone is living their lives for themselves, and you have to allow yourself time to do that too. Implement some self-care activities into your day. Embrace your empathetic trait. Trust that the right people will find you as you tune into yourself and create balance.

Jaime Wolschleger

Bowling Green '24

Jaime is currently a sophomore at Bowling Green State University. She is majoring in psychology with a minor in nutrition. She is very passionate about helping other people through experience and spreading advice. She discusses creating balance, sharing her favorite thoughts on intuitive eating, self love, body image, anxiety + mental health, fitness, media and so much more!
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