BGSU Grad, Rachel Coleman, Pioneers a Positive Self-Talk Movement

Rachel Coleman is a Bowling Green State University graduate and entrepreneur who has started her own movement to empower women called, “Sis, Eliminate the Negative Talk,” or better known as S.E.N.T. She graduated from BGSU in December of 2018 with a degree in Psychology and she never envisioned where she would be today. The idea for S.E.N.T. came to her in August of 2019 and she has moved full-steam ahead since, launching her merchandise on August 31st, just a few weeks later. Since that release, she had sold out her merchandise in 3 weeks. 

Though she has been working hard to get to where she is now, Rachel will be sure to tell you that each step has been full of testing and trials. Entrepreneurship is not a simple step-by-step process and Rachel has learned this as she’s gone. In order to start a business, you have to take risks by doing something that no one else is doing. Rachel saw a need to encourage women and found a way to make it happen. Rachel Coleman would say that her purpose is to redirect mindsets that feel stuck, stagnant, and hopeless because they don’t feel that their purpose has value to the world. 

When I spent time talking to Rachel, she heavily emphasized the importance of finding your purpose and sticking to it. She believes that you can accomplish just about anything once you know your own purpose and your own unique skill sets. Rachel has truly found her purpose and is working every day to reach her goals. She is now writing an upcoming book titled, “Dear Entrepreneur” that will provide a guideline to help entrepreneurs across the globe prepare mentally for whatever they desire to do. Rachel is also writing a second book to redirect female chatter and empower women to work together to create a healthier society, “Sis, Eliminate the Negative Talk,” better known as S.E.N.T. 

Since starting S.E.N.T. her influence has grown and Rachel has released merchandise that says “Bro, Eliminate the Negative Talk” to include men in her movement for positivity and self-worth. She is currently in the process of releasing new merchandise with no plans to stop anytime soon. Her goal is to spread the S.E.N.T. message across Ohio and eventually spread to major cities. To quote Rachel herself, “We’re all just pieces to one big puzzle to help save God’s people. I’m not done with my piece yet.”        


Be sure to check out Rachel Coleman’s website to learn more about her and the S.E.N.T movement: