SUBU Election Winners

Friday evening saw the results of the new Student Council roles for 2014-2015, announced in Dylan’s bar.

The winner for next year's SUBU President role was Chloe Schendel-Wilson, who received 811 votes in the fifth and final round. She shared her joy saying “It just feels fantastic! The weekend was very overwhelming and it's only just starting to sink in. I really wanted it so I’m over the moon''. A total of 2395 votes were cast by Bournemouth students in the elections overall.
Schendel-Wilson has been involved in various roles within the Student Union, including being a part of the Executive Committee and sitting on the Activities Council board. As well as being a member of the Baking Society, Climbing Society and one of the BU Snowriders.
Although very busy, she is already beginning her transition as the new president, as she explains “I’m going to start shadowing Murray at some meetings to give me a feel for it. Also, two of my main manifesto points were more support for clubs and societies, and more environmental schemes, so I’m going to start chatting to students so I know where to start when I begin in June.''
The other three full-times roles were also announced, with Ellie Mayo-Ward winning Vice President for Education, Peter Briant elected for the position of Vice President for Lansdowne, and Reece Pope as the new Vice President for Welfare.