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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Boise State chapter.


We all need some motivation this mid-semester slump we face in college. So get yourself motivated to do well in your classes or midterms by rewarding yourself with an M&M every 5 pages of the book or at the end of each chapter you read. A good way to get motivated is by setting goals or laying out a schedule before the stress sits in and you are on the verge of having a mental breakdown. Motivate yourself with a netflix night in, mid-week refreshment or treat, and a serene saturday or sunday to refresh your mind and body from a stressful week before or a busy upcoming week of school, work, and social life all bundled together.


We are all smart and can be anything we want or do anything we put our minds to in life. So remind yourself throughout the week you are intelligent and you will give your all on any test or task that may come your way. Do not forget to be you, try hard, and be smart when faced with anything school or life related like the midterms that seem to come out of the middle of nowhere. Get your sticky notes and highlighters ready to get through the mid-slump or knockdown of the semester. Put your smart cap on and get ready to rock your mid-semester assessments, projects, and papers.


Stay focused in times of stress, never be blindsided by things or people who could discourage you from being your ultimate best. So, set out a plan or put dates on calendar to remind you of important things coming up in your academic life. During this time of the year, it is best for you to set and have goals of what you accomplish in the semester. Even if you do not attain these goals, remind yourself you tried your hardest to do the best you could possibly do in a class, school, or in life.


Power through those midterms with the attitude of not giving up, even if something does not goes as planned. Remember a test or paper will not define you ten years from now or reflect on the person you are. Also, I would workout during the week of midterms, to relieve the overwhelming stress you may face. Workout all the stress or the things weighing you down. Fight through every academic obstacle you may face. Remember do not give up and keep trying to give everything your best effort, even if you do not get the best result or test score on an exam.


We all can be the best version of ourselves. As humans, we all strive to the best in pretty much everything we do. So, strive and reach for impossible goals you may thought you would have never reached or accomplished. Reach for the stars even when they seem to be fading into the background. You are the light and let yourself shine bright when you are striving to be the very best at whatever you may be doing in life. Give yourself an A+ in excellence, because a test or paper does not define how smart you are, it just tests your obedience to learn material to the standard of what your teacher thinks are the most important material to them. Try your best and do not let a test define you as a person.


Be ready, prepare for the midterms, weeks in advance. Do not wait to study the night before, because not too many of us can cram information into our mind and retain most of it within a day.To be ready for the big test or day, study the matierial in increments, a week before the test will really help. To be prepare yourself more, get a study group together and create fun ways of remembering the course material through mnemonic devices or acronyms. So buckle up yourself up for the mid-semester traffic jam or cram of material and words into your mind. Ready, set, go and you’ll ace that test in no time.


Our memory is quite an amazing thing. Some have better memories than others. Some have short and long term memory, but when it comes to midterms, memorize all that is on the study guide. A good way of memorizing the material is creating funny hand motions or words relating to the material. As anything you are trying to remember, space it out in sections so you are not overwhelming yourself by remembering pages on top of pages of concepts. Review the content in sections where they are grouped off by a single word or term that represents the materials. Just realize, memorize, and synthesize and all will be good in the academic hood of craziness and stress!


Study….. We study so much, but never know what works best for us after multiple failed attempts when we encounter taking a test. Everyone has their own way of how the study material or review for test, so find your niche and go with it. Some read the material out loud to memorize the material, while others use flashcards as repetition tool to get that information in your mind. Oh, if you do not already know about Quizlet, this application is essential to helping you study for a test or using to understand a term in a course you are currently taking. Let’s just say if you are clueless about something in a class you are taking, quizlet it and you should be good to go. Quizlet should be termed the “ lifesaver of college students”, well it has saved almost all of us from many headaches over our college career. When you see the word study, you most likely think stress. If you study for a good amount time, you should not be stressed about the midterm you are about to take. Let the studying begin and the stress set in, because who said college would be easy!

Don’t fret about midterms, be the smarty pants you are!

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Maddie Taylor

Boise State

I am a 20-year-old sophomore at Boise State. My major is communication with a minor in gerontology. I am an aspiring journalist and enjoy writing poems in my free time.