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A Collegiette’s Guide to Eating Healthy

As we know, college is filled with choices. It is important to make sure the choices you make now are going to build you up in the future, not tear you down. So, it’s crucial to think about the inside of your body, because that is what controls how you feel on the outside!

Here are some tips of making healthier choices in college.

Always eat breakfast. This doesn’t mean grab a 600 calorie muffin from Starbucks every morning but instead, eat only half – share it with a friend, or save it for another day.

Start every morning with something that will keep you full & happy, but don’t make the food choice too dense because you will feel slow and sluggish. You can even prepare something the night before so you can maximize your time in the morning without sacrificing nutitrion. Try something like this…

*Egg whites (on the stove, or heat in the microwave!) with a piece of toast and a piece of fruit.*A smoothie! This one is my favorite because I get all my nutrition early on in the morning, so I feel light and airy!*A piece of toast with peanut butter and diced bananas on top (if you’re feeling wild, use some almond butter! It’s filled with protein and omega 3’s & 6’s which are great for your skin!)*1/2 cup of cooked rolled oats, cinnamon, a handful of nuts, and throw half a banana in there for a sweet, salty, crunchy & healthy breakfast that you won’t regret!

Drink water throughout the day and limit your caffine intake. Yes, being a college kid, we are always craving caffeine. But too much of it can dry out your skin and leave you feeling sluggish later in the day. So limit your intake to no more than two cups of coffee a day, or one sweet treat from Starbucks.

A great alternative to coffee is green tea! Add a slice of lemon and your filling your body with healthy vitamins and its even been linked to burning fat!

Eat a light lunch. A light lunch consists of salad, fish, or a serving size of chicken. Make sure you eat your vegetables because they are filled with vitamins, minerals, and a whole lot of water!

If you know you’re going to be busy, pre-pack your lunch or head to the Commons. They offer a huge salad bar that can satisfy anyones hunger! Tip: throw some chickpeas on your salad, they’re full of fiber which will keep you full longer!

For a snack, grab a piece of fruit and some nuts, dried fruit, a Kind bar, or some hummus & veggies!

Dinner should be the biggest meal of the day but not too big! Remember portion sizes (America’s downfall) and try to stay away from microwavable meals – they’re full of preservatives…yuckInstead try to fill your plate with vegetables (try sautéing them in coconut oil which gives you energy and boosts the metabolism) some brown rice, quinoa, or soba noodles, and lastly some sort of protein in the form of eggs, fish, or chicken.

One of my favorite dinners is spaghetti squash boiled, marinara sauce, veggies and cheese… tastes like pasta! Yum!

Remember dessert isn’t for every night! But, there are some days when everyone needs a treat. Try mixing Almond milk, a banana, chocolate chips & cinnamon in a bowl & letting it freeze. It tastes like ice cream but doesn’t mess with your health, it only helps!

If you follow this plan, I can ensure you that your body will love you a whole lot, and everyone will notice it from the outside! HCxo

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