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5 Ways To Make Self-Care a Priority

The semester is in full swing and it’s easy to lose track of what your own needs are, not just what’s due for school. When your work and commitments begin to pile up, it’s important to take a step back and commit time in your schedule to just yourself. Here are five ways in which you can make self-care a priority while still keeping your other priorities straight: 


Meal Prep

When schedules get intense, it can be easy to grab the easiest and most available option while on campus and in between classes. While this may be convenient, the food may not be the best fuel your body and mind need to stay sharp. Over the weekend when you have some downtime, commit that time to prepping what you want to eat for the week so that it’s easy to grab out of the fridge when you’re rushing to your 8:30 A.M. class. Look up simple recipes on Pinterest that incorporate protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates to keep you fuller longer. By allowing yourself to spend some more time on food prep, your body will feel better in the long run and keep you away from those sick days.

Pencil in time for yourself in your planner

This may seem silly but giving yourself planned out time to whatever you want to do makes all the difference. Allow this time to incorporate something you don’t normally have time to do in the week- try 30 minutes of meditation, following along to some meditation podcasts on Apple Music or Spotify if you’re looking for some guidance. Or watch an episode of the new show you started on Netflix and allow yourself to just relax in the comfort of your own bed. 

Go to a workout class

While going to the gym or a workout class may not be at the top of your priority list when you think of taking time for yourself, it is a proven stress reliever. Although the gym on campus can be intimidating to some, try a guest pass for a day and go to a workout class. Classes range from Yoga to Spinning to Barre to a half hour Booty boot camp, and you’ll leave feeling glad you dedicated some time to your health. If on-campus isn’t your style, there are numerous Yoga studios and gyms all around the Binghamton downtown area if you’re looking to escape too many familiar faces. 


Read a book

That’s right, you read that correctly. Pick a book that’s been on your must-reads list that you haven’t gotten around to reading yet and read a few chapters a night before bed. Take some time away from scrolling through Instagram or Twitter and escape into the pages before you.

Turn your phone onto Do Not Disturb Mode 30 minutes before sleep-

We all know it’s hard to go without our phone, especially if our nightly routine is getting caught up on everything we missed on Twitter or Instagram from during the day, but this could be the reason why we wake up with bags under our eyes. According to https://www.sleep.org/articles/ways-technology-affects-sleep/, looking at phone screens or laptop screens that emit blue light can be harsh on our eyes and suppress the melatonin in your brain. This makes you feel more alert before sleep rather than drowsy when you should be. Charging your phone across the room a half hour before bed can help alleviate having trouble sleeping. 



Nikki Sather

Binghamton '21

Nikki is currently pursuing a degree in Business at Binghamton University, where she divvied up her time between being events coordinator for the club soccer team and as Arts and Culture Assistant Editor for the student-run newspaper, Pipe Dream. She aspires to work in Marketing or Content Writing in the near future. In her free time on the weekends, Nikki keeps in touch with her competitive figure skating background by coaching kids how to skate in Syracuse. She also enjoys reading, writing, binge watching the newest Netflix shows and spending time traveling with her friends.
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