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Why You Should Try Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle has gained popular attention in the past few years. I’ve been an avid soul cycle rider for over a year now, and with more than 50 classes under my belt, I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever tried (even if it breaks my bank account here and there).

For those of you who want a little background on Soul Cycle, it was founded 10 years ago by 2 women who wanted a workout that was fun and inspiring. They started in a small studio in Manhattan and have spread nationally, with new studios opening across the U.S. month after month. Soul Cycle is a 45 minute cardio party on a bike with dance moves choreographed by the instructors. The instructors are there to make you feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can bring you down. 

Now that you have some background, here are 10 reasons why you should try Soul Cycle:

  1. Free Class. Until 9/26, your first class is absolutely free. If you don’t go, you’re throwing away a chance at a free ride– something that doesn’t happen too often. If you can’t get there now, no worries. Your first class without this promotion is just $20.
  2. It was started by 2 women. Ummm, excuse me– girl boss goals? How could you not support these two rockstars! They are just like all of us: people who want to have fun while working out. 
  3. The instructors. Soul Cycle training is intense. The instructors dedicate themselves to making sure that they are ready to take the podium and teach. Only the best of the best are hired, so trust me when I say that there are no bad instructors.
  4. The music. 9 times out of 10 the music connects right to my emotions and how I’m feeling right in that moment. I swear, the instructors have this gift; they know exactly what everyone is feeling and what music needs to be played in that moment.
  5. No one is going to critique you. The room is dark and lit only by 4 large candles. Everyone is so focused on riding their own bike and staying on beat that judgement is left far behind.
  6. Dance party. Soul Cycle is the equivalent of a dance party. It’s the best kind of cardio party. When it ends, you’re going to want more– trust me.
  7. You could spot someone you know. Like, I don’t know, Jake Gyllenhaal? Yeah, wouldn’t mind bumping into him after working out, riding behind him, or just being in the same room… is it just me?
  8. It’s trendy. Come on, admit it. You want to be trendy and cool, and Soul Cycle is the fitness world’s current denim skirt and choker trend. I know you’re all hopping on that, so hop on a bike too.
  9. Full body workout. I know this sounds crazy. How could you possibly get a full workout from one single machine in 45 minutes? Well, Soul Cycle has incorporated the use of weights, push-ups, and dance moves that target all areas of the body.
  10. You’ll leave inspired and ready to take on the world. We all get stressed, and sometimes you need to just release all that negative energy. Soul Cycle does wonders for the mind. You leave feeling more relaxed and ready for any obstacle that could possibly come your way. 

Have I convinced you to go try it? Sign up here to get started on your Soul journey!!


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