When it’s Time to Transfer Schools

Some of these signs may seem to be obvious indicators—but it’s a challenge to admit to yourself when it may be time to switch schools. College is an emotional transitional period in your life, and it’s completely normal to take some additional time to figure out the right school for you. Speaking from personal experience, here are some reasons you may want to consider leaving your current school.

You’re homesick ALL the time

It’s natural to be homesick at college, but wanting to be home 24/7 is not necessarily a good thing, and may point to a deeper issue.


You have no school spirit and dislike the area

Obvious as it may seem, if you find yourself constantly thinking about how much you hate the institution or the city it’s in, then this may be the wrong school for you.


You hate your classes and/or professors

And not just the usual hate for classes because of studying and school work. If your classes are not interesting, you don’t feel fulfilled in your academics, and you aren’t connecting with any professors, this may be a sign.


After breaks you DREAD going back

Hearing your friends say “I can’t wait to go back!” while you are wishing break was longer so you won’t have to return probably points to the fact that you just aren’t happy at your current school. It’s great to enjoy family time, see your high school friends, and get some R&R over break—but at the right school, you’ll have something to look forward to upon returning!

You’re having trouble meeting people and making friends

It’s really important to be connected with at least one to two people on campus. Even if you do have some great friends, it is totally normal to still want to transfer for other reasons. This is just something you will have to consider when possibly leaving.


Being at school feels super lonely

Even if you have friends at school, it can feel really isolating and lonely—especially when you see other people at other schools having fun.

If you're thinking about transferring schools, we promise, it's okay! By recognizing the fact that you're unhappy at your current academic institution, you're already taking one huge step in the right direction. As you begin the process of transferring, remember to keep your head up, put your eye on the prize, try your hardest make the most of the school you are at—and keep in mind that things will get better.



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