Strong Arms Girl

Two Workouts that Achieve Toned and Defined Arms

Cassey Ho is one of my favorite fitness influencers. CEO of Blogilates and Pop Pilates on YouTube, she teaches how to build stability and balance in workout videos that can be done at home or in the gym. She is extremely encouraging, and teaches form in addition to showing healthy recipes to incorporate into your diet. 


I like Cassey Ho because she also creates free digital calendars of training schedules that you can get from her website for each month (that I used during the quarantine days). The videos range depending on what precisely you want to focus on; getting lean, bulking up, getting washboard abs, and so on.


Upper body workouts are my absolute favorite, and Cassey Ho releases killer upper body workouts that require no additional weight, just yourself and water. Here are two in particular designed for you to get some defined, lean arms; you can easily do them in your dorm room!


20 minute Lean Arms Cardio Pilates

3 x 45 seconds on, 10 seconds rest

  1. Lunging Pull Downs 

  2. Oil Riggers

  3. Plank Jack Shoulder Taps

  4. Mountain CLimbers 

  5. (Laying on the side) Single Arm Push -R

  6. (Laying on the side) Available Arm Push -L 


10 Minute Beautiful Arm Sculpt Pilates Workout

2 x 1 minute each, rest 10 seconds between rounds  

  1. Half Cobra Push Up

  2. Tricep Kick and Dip

  3. Plank Up Downs

  4. Piked Pushup

  5. Bent Over Shoulder Press